Father’s Day Weekend 2017

Hey lovely friends and happy Tuesday to you all! This weekend recap is coming to you guys a little later than usual, since I didn’t have a chance to type this post up Sunday night.

This Father’s Day weekend was such a good weekend. It was the perfect blend of seeing family and friends, while still having time spent with our little family of three. Although, I will admit, I could have definitely gone for another full day of rest of Landon, Benaiah and I – since our weekend, though fun, was BUSY.

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?



Saturday morning started off bright and early, since 1. Benaiah woke up around 5:15 AND I had a marathon preview group run at 6:30! I was super pumped about this run, since it was my first DOUBLE DIGIT (feels so good to be back in the double digits now!) run in a looonnng time and it was my first large, group run!


Since Landon usually plays soccer on Saturday mornings, my sister’s graciously offered to watch Benaiah Saturday morning while I ran and he played soccer. My sisters spent the night Friday night, which meant we were all a little tired Saturday morning from a late night of playing games, eating Halo Top and watching movies.

Thankfully, after a cup of coffee and a few animal crackers (my newest, favorite pre-run snack) I was off the door feeling energized and excited. I got to the group meeting spot with a few minutes to spare, mingiled with the other runners, and stretched out. There were around 100 or more runners there and I was so excited to see how much support there is in our area for runners! Once we got ready to go, we listened to a few announcements from the coordinator, got into our pacer groups (I decided to join the 9:00/mi pacing group) and they sent us off in waves!

We ran an easy, fun course of 10 miles, stopping around 5 miles in, to turn around and head back. I loved running with this group and feeling the amazing support and encouragement form the various runners we met on the trails. I felt strong during the run and although the temperatures were HUMID, I felt super blessed to be able to run with this amazing group of people.

Once we got back, we hydrated ourselves with water and Gatorade (which was provided) and I also got a nice stretching session from some massage therapists. HELLO WONDERFUL.


The run took me an hour and a half, which meant I got back home around eight. Once I got back, I stretched some more, took an ice bath, and made myself a massive smoothie. Benaiah was happy to see me once I got back home, which made me super happy! After a few cuddles and a nursing session, Benaiah went down for bed and I took advantage of his sleepy self, by showering and having my devotions.



Landon got back home around eleven and while we shared how each other’s workouts went, my sisters went for a walk around town in hunt for bagels. I got hungry again and snacked on a couple of homemade protein bars, before my sister’s and I left for my parent’s house. Abby and I are in a wedding and we met the bride and her mother Saturday morning for a quick rehearsal! The singing went well and after practice, we snacked on some turkey, chicken, veggies, dip, apples, nuts and raisins. Basically, whatever I could find in the pantry 😉


Once my mom came arrive back at the homestead, we left to go see my great aunt who was in town visiting my grandma (which is her twin!) Landon met us there and we hung out for a while, before heading back home.

Landon and I spent Saturday night eating a big dinner salad with mac and cheese (for him) and cheesy quinoa (for me). Once Benaiah went to bed, we popped a big bowl of popcorn and watched a couple episodes of the Flash.

Saturday, you were a good day.



I don’t know if Benaiah knew it was Father’s Day or not, but he slept in until 8 AM! Since he usually gets up around 5, it was such a treat to sleep in until 7:45. Once he woke up, I got to work making a special Father’s Day breakfast for Landon.


On the menu: Whole wheat raspberry pancakes and scrambled eggs. We all enjoyed the slow and relaxing breakfast and morning before heading to church.


After a super encouraging sermon, we headed over to Landon’s cousins’ home to spend time with his dad and grandpa. We stayed for a few hours, enjoying food (sloppy joes, fruit, chips and salsa, and salads) and conversation!




Since Benaiah woke up late, he hadn’t taken a nap at all during the day. No naps = grumpy baby. Thankfully, once we got in the car, he was out in 0.2 seconds. We drove around for a while, admiring current homes for sale, allowing Benaiah to sleep as long as he wanted. Once we got home, I fed him, we lounged around the house and ate a really easy dinner of fruit parfaits and protein bars. I felt bad, since I wanted to make Landon and really nice Father’s Day dinner, but he requested parfaits, so that is what happened.




Sunday’s weather was so beautiful, so instead of putting Benaiah down right at his normal bed time, we stretched it out and went for an early evening stroll. It was so nice to soak in the fresh air and spend some quality time chatting and dreaming together. Once we got home, Benaiah went to bed and we popped another big bowl of popcorn and plopped ourselves on the couch for a couple more episodes of the Flash, before heading to bed.



I am so thankful for my father, my father in law and my husband. Landon, thank you for all that you do for our family, for providing for our needs, for loving us so selflessly, and for showing me Jesus’ love each and every day. We love you so much and am so glad you are ours.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!

I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend!