Easter Weekend 2017


Hey, hey friends and good morning to you on this Tuesday. I hope you are stopping by the blog this morning with a steamy cup of coffee and lots of energy. Between lots of fun activities this weekend and little sleep, I’m feeling a little tired, but hoping to shake it off with a run and multiple cups of coffee today.

As mentioned, our weekend was filled with a lot of fun outings, but in the best way possible. I felt like our weekend was the perfect balance of acitivty and rest, just the way I like it.


Saturday morning began bright and early with a six in the morning wake up call from the munchkin. Thankfully, we had to leave early for soccer anyways and I was happy to have an hour to drink my coffee, have my devotions, and get myself ready before leaving. If you have been reading for a while now, you may remember last summer, most Saturday mornings Landon played soccer, while I took advantage of the nearby trails. Thanks to some warm weather, soccer season has officially begun and we are already looking forward to our Saturday morning family outings.

I forgot my “real” camera, but I did snap a few pictures with my phone. I love watching Landon play soccer, soccer is to Landon as running is to me.

Basically, soccer is a big deal to Landon.

Since Landon normally plays for two hours, Benaiah and I spent some of that time running together.

The fresh air was amazing and even though I had a long run the day before, it felt nice to shake out the legs. I decided to run a three mile loop,mainly because the bathrooms are 1.5 miles away from the soccer field. Unfortunately, when I made it to the bathrooms, they were locked. Womp womp.

Once we finished our run, Benaiah and I spent the rest of the time watching Landon before the game ended.  I teased Landon I am more of a soccer wife than soccer mom.

After the game, we decided to make it a family date and went out for bagels, before heading home!

Bagels = yes. I got an ancient grain bagel topped with whipped plain cream cheese and it tasted just as good as it sounds.

We lingered at the bagel shop for a while, before headed home and hitting some to do tasks hard!


Our late morning passed by quickly and pretty soon, we noticed our rumbling stomachs which we satisfied with scrambled eggs. Simple and delicious.


After our bellies were full, we hung out around the house, played together and I ran a few errands while Benaiah took his nap.

Once dinner time came, we made a big salad.


The salad was good, but I was more excited about our evening trip we had plannned!

I think Benaiah was exited too.


Frozen yogurt date!



I had no trouble filling my cup with cake batter, Dutch cocoa, vanilla, and hazelnut yogurt and I topped it with a light dusting of graham crakcers.


Yes please.

DSC_4166 Benaiah was bummed he couldn’t have any, but I promised him some day be could.


Landon and I ended our evening with popcorn and a movie and stayed up way too late.


Once again, Benaiah decided to wake me up at six o’clock which left me with plenty of time to get ready for church.

We spent a few hours together, while I threw together a salad for a family get together and made our super fancy Easter breakfast.


Just kidding, I made a smoothie.

We spent Sunday morning at church, celebrating Christ’s victory over the grave. Shortly after service ended, we left to head out to our cousins’ house for an Easter  meal!


Benaiah was excited about it.

We enjoyed a lot of delicious food – so much good stuff (my father in law made some AMAZING collard greens!) and we enjoyed catching up with family.


Benaiah tried to participate in the egg hunt and ‘found’ two eggs for himself. He seemed to like the bright colors and tried to eat each egg he found.




After we got home, we gave him his own Easter basket, which was filled with wooden blocks and a banana, since he is loving bananas right now.




I think it is safe top say he was pleased with his basket and enjoyed playing with both his blocks and banana.


Once Benaiah went to bed, Landon and I ended the evening with conversation, an episode of Dick Van Dyke and yes, more popcorn.

It was such a fun weekend and I can’t help but wish we could repeat it. I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day and I will talk with you guys tomorrow!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What did you do for Easter?
  2. Do you have a favorite Easter dish?
  3. What does your run look like today?