Dessert for Breakfast? Benaiah Likes to do the Laundry, and Stalking My Sister (TOL #49)

Hey, hey, hey! Happy Thursday you lovely people you. I’m stumped today and maybe you can help me out. Important news first: my sister is coming over for a sleepover (who knows if she’ll actually be able to sleep, haha) and we are having a couple over tonight for dessert.

And that brings me to why I am stumped this morning. I have no idea what to make for dessert.

At first I was thinking about my healthy frozen chocolate pie, but that sounded to summer like. Then my mind flitted toward the warmer desserts (i.e. Anything pumpkin or my new Apple crisp recipe…) but then again, chocolate is always a good idea, and I don’t know of anyone who hates ice cream. 

So, here I am, back to square one, and also waay off base. Today’s TOL right? Right. Without getting any further ahead of myself, let’s begin, shall we?

Ps. Thanks Amanda for hosting!

  1. My mom and I like to talk on the phone. Yes, life is good.

2. This is how dad and Benaiah like to get laundry done.

3. Another delicious, delivered meal? Shrimp dish over rice + broccoli + asparagus. Hello.

  1. Thank goodness for the Internet, I was just informed if is national coffee day. Cheers to that!   Maybe I’ll create a coffee based recipe just because? Sounds good?


  1. Speaking of recipes, these delicious goodies are coming your way soon! Make sure to stay tuned.
  1. I rely on Abby (my very musically talented sister) to find all the popular, new songs. She likes the songs YouTube, I stalk her channel, and listen to her playlists. She always has the best songs and I don’t have to find them. Also, I don’t have to listen to the same ones on the radio 2962 times. Thanks to Abby, this song is now played daily.


  1. Benaiahs outfit yesterday was on point. He’s already cooler than his mom- how did tha happen so quickly?


  1. Please don’t tell me that I’m the only one who eats dessert for breakfast. Thank goodness my apple crisp as healthy enough to have for breakfast 😉 it was staring me in the face and I just couldn’t say no. But, with no refined sugar, butter, or flour, I felt pretty good about enjoying it with my egg.

And with that, I’m off to finish my checklist and coffee. Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday! 

Questions of the Day 

  1. Do you have any ideas of what to make for dessert tonight? 
  2. What is your recent favorite song? 
  3. Share you random Thursday thoughts! Anything on your mind?