Date Nights + They are Still Alive (TOL #72)



We’ve made it to Thursday! Can I get an amen? This week is f-l-y-i-n-g by and I am more than ready to kick off the weekend. I have a couple fun this planned for the next few days, so this kind of feels like the beginning of the weekend to me – which is A-okay in my book.  

Before I get too off track, a big thank you to Amanda, for hosting another round of TOL! 

Let’s dive in, mmm’Kay?  


I know this photo is super grainy, but Landon and I had a spontaneous date night last Friday (thanks to the help of my amazing sister-in-law’s!) It felt so good to get out of the house, just the two of us, and be able to hang out without any interruptions! Landon even took me out for froyo- which made our time even more special. Night = made.

Can you tell Emily and I are sisters? (She’s the one of the left.) I never realized how much we look alike until recently, but now, I think we could almost pass as twins.

Update: the plants are still alive. Hallelujah.


My prego sister in law is a baby whisperer. Just look at how good she looks holding two, eh, technically three babies. Side note: Niah’s facial expression is priceless. Sam looks a little scared of either A: Me trying to get their attention. B: Benaiah


Speaking of Benaiah’s expressions, I think this is the ‘Why were we outside this morning?” look. Last soccer game was a little on the cold side of things, but Benaiah loved cheering daddy on. Most of the time, we cheered from the car, but I love seeing his excitement whenever daddy is around.


Annnd while we are on the topic of exciting things, my SISTER is coming over for a sleepover!! Em and I (the beautiful lady in the glasses) have been planning a sleepover for a while now and tomorrow it is finally happening. Bring on the sappy movies, board games, and girl talk.



While we are on the topic of movies, does anyone else know if Beauty and the Beast is released yet? I didn’t see it in theatres, but I may see if I can rent it. If not, I do have Disney classic, which may be just as good, since I haven’t seen that one is YEARS.


Something else I am pumped about?! My MARATHON TRAINING which officially starts in about three weeks. I know these long runs are nothing to sneeze at, but I seriously can’t wait to see what I am made of. I am such a nerd and am devouring whatever marathon material I can get my hands on. This article was really interesting and had a lot of good tips! If you have any good marathon training material, let me know what I should add to the list!

That’s all for today! I will catch you guys tomorrow. Have a great Thursday!

Questions of the Day

  1. What is one thing you are thinking about today?
  2. Do you have any good marathon training articles or books you would recommend?
  3. How often do you and your significant other go on dates out to places?