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Hey there friends! I hope you are popping over to Lulu Runs, feeling ready for another day! I thought it would be fun to share with you a peek into what my running has been lately and where I am headed.

Running this winter has been a little tough. Between frigid temperatures and sickness, most of my running has taken place on the treadmill! I know this sounds so cheesy, but I truly am so grateful for my treadmill. Since most of my running is treadmill runs, I’ve found a good show that to watch and now look forward to most of my early morning workouts.

Speaking of early morning, a majority of my running lately is taking place before Benaiah is awake, although a good chunk of January I had ZERO motivation to get up at 5 am, which meant my runs were either happening while he ate breakfast beside me, while he napped or when he was sleeping. Not ideal, but in motherhood, I am learning that I have to simply go with the flow and try to embrace each moment! So, embracing moments are looking like 6 am morning runs (I have my devotions for about an hour before running) and grinding out whatever mileage I can get in before he wakes up. As a run coach, I know the importance of following a plan, so each Sunday evening I make it a point to write out my running/training plan for the week. Currently, most weeks I’m averaging around 30 miles and building (with the goal) of hitting 40-50 miles in the next couple months!

Honestly, I really, really love running high mileage weeks and although it takes work and effort to build (in a proper, safe way) I LOVE it. I love feeling drained by the end of the day and waking up early and grinding out ten miles before the rest of the world wakes up. I know that may sound crazy, but I guess it’s the runner in me.

As excited as I am about building mileage, I realize it is a process and it’s going to take time to build back my solid base. I do feel like I am just about there (out of base phase) and almost ready to dive into some harder training sessions, which excites me!

My weekends are generally scheduled as long run days and even though most of those have even been on the treadmill (thanks to dark mornings and freezing temperatures) I don’t really mind it. I am convinced that I am going to come back to spring running being 115% more mentally tough than anything!

As for other workouts? When I am not running, I am working on some core routines, leg focused workouts, glute workouts, and a little bit of upper body here and there. Honestly, upper body is my least favorite area to train, but I do want to be a well rounded athlete, so I do it anyway 😉

Up ahead? I am looking toward hitting a PR in my next half marathon, it’s been a while and I’m itching to hit that! For me, that would be anything sub-1:50 which I know is totally doable! Yes, it will take work, but I know I can do it! I have yet to sign up for a race, so if you know of any that you love, send them my way! Especially if it is near Chicago!

As for a full marathon? I am hoping to run another this spring or fall, but we will see what happens! I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. What are you currently doing with  your running?
  2. Any upcoming races for you guys?
  3. What is your favorite distance to race?


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