Current Workouts, How My View of Fitness Has Changed Over the Years + Running Injury Talk

Good morning and merry 4 days before Christmas. This little munchkin is pretty excited about the approaching holiday (or more like I am for him!)

Yesterday, when I was working out, I was thinking about just how my workouts/view of fitness has changed over the years… And boy, has it changed! I also wanted to updated you all in my current fitness routine, since it feels like a while since I’ve done that. 

I’ll be honest with you guys, returning back to running postpartum has been more challenging than I expected. As in, three miles is the farthest I’ve run since having Benaiah, challenging. It’s been difficult and discouraging, but I think the difficulty is mostly hip flexor injury related.

Yes, I used the word, “injury.” I officially decided I think my hip flexor isn’t just acting up, but is indeed, injured. If you are reading this, Dr. Orem, (my amazing chiropractor) I need to get in asap! Between the hip flexor injury and the freezing cold temperatures, I really have not been running much. The strange part about this is that I’m not crushed or weeping over my present situation. And that is what brings me to how I’ve changed over the years…


Years ago, I would have let this ruin my Christmas season, I would have been freaking out how much fitness I would lose, how I would never be able to run again (ha), and I would have been agonizing over every morning I didn’t get to run. However, this injury around, I’m not freaking out, I’m not being irrational, and I’m not agonizing about every missed run. Yes, I miss running four to five times a week, I miss the fresh air on my face, and those beautiful endorphins. But, while I’m healing up and building back muscle, I’m learning new things, like Pilates and yoga, for example.

I’ll be brutally honest you guys, I used to think that yoga and Pilates were for “wanna bes” (sorry!) But, since incorporating both into my workout regime, I’ve seen so much toning in so little time, that even when I do go back to running, I will be continuing to learn both forms of exercise and include them into my typical exercise “regime.” Injuries usually force me to be creative, but with this injury I’ve gone outside of my comfort zone and tried to learn new things. It’s paying off and I’m loving it.

So, currently, I’m running very little, tiny mileage and like once a week, until my hip flexor heals (and I may just take a while off until it gets totally better!) I’m doing Pilates, yoga, and other intense body weight circuit workouts about five to six days a week and feeling stronger than I have since getting pregnant with Benaiah.

Since adding more slower, muscle isolating forms of exercise into my routine, I’ve noticed I’m a lot more tone and a lot stronger too! (Which I’m loving!) Another thing I’m loving about this new season? Each Pilates video is short, sweet, and effective. We are talking 15-30 minutes friends. I’m sure all of us can find at least 15 minutes to dedicate to their health, right? Right.

You can find some of my favorites here, here, and here.

So, that’s basically where I am. I’m injured, sitting on the running ‘bench,’ while I’m waiting to heal, but I’m enjoying learning new forms of exercise and loving building muscle and toning up.

I’m also learning that running isn’t the only way to fit in a good workout or the only way I can be strong and fit (although running will and is always my favorite!) Until I can run, pain free again, you can find my trying to balance my newest yoga pose I’m learning, or breaking a sweat with a Pilates video (thanks for sharing those with me Abby!) or trying something else out that’s new and crazy to me (anyone say cross fit?!)

I can’t wait to run again, and I’m convinced, I’ll be coming back from this injury stronger and healthier than ever before.

Have a fantastic Wednesday friends! Make today beautiful, enjoy a good cup (or three!) of coffee and work up a sweat!


Questions of the Day 

  1. Latest running injury? What happened and how long did it take to recover?
  2. Once I’m recovered, I want to eventually do another half and a full marathon in the late fall…any tips on first time full marathon training?
  3. What is your current favorite workout or form of exercise right now?