Current Friday Favorites (11/18)

Guys, we made it to the weekend and that’s a cause for celebration! Since my sisters and I hung out almost all week long and yesterday was spent running errands and cleaning the house; this week has flown by! I’m always a fan of weeks that go by quickly and next week Landon has a four day weekend. Gotta love the holiday weekends, right?

Since it’s Friday, we are celebrating over here with another round of Friday favorites!

Quest Bars 


As much as I love my smoothies in the morning, I’m a big fan of quick breakfast options when I’m running behind in the life (which is really easy to do these days, thanks to the little one.) On Tuesday, I didn’t have time to make a proper breakfast, so I quickly grabbed this bar to help keep my stomach happy until lunch. Thank goodness for convenient, healthy options.

Morning Skies 


I’ve always been a morning person. One of my favorite parts about waking up early in the morning is the sky. With daylight savings time in full force, the sky catches on fire around six am and I love catching the sunrise if I can. Benaiah seems to like the mornings too and usually gives me a wake up call around five or six. Either way, we enjoy the sunrise together.

Father/ Son Time 


Benaiah loves when dad comes home and dad loves to give him attention. I love watching Benaiah grow in his love for his daddy.

A Place of Quiet Rest 


Just the title sounds nice, doesn’t it? I’ve been needing a good devotional book and this one takes the cake. Anyone else have a current favorite read?

THIS boy 


Enough said.


Last night, I worked up a sweat with these Pilates videos. Back in the day, I (wrongly) assumed that Pilates was an easy workout. This video proved me wrong. Hello. sore abs.

Favorites from Around the Web

  1. Julie, shared this Pumpkin Ice Box Cake, which I think I may have to make for one of our family get togethers!
  2. Robyn nails it again.
  3. If somebody could make me this skillet, that would be great.

That’s all for now, I’m heading out with my sisters for a wisdom teeth removal party (not mine.) We will see how this goes. Wish Abby luck. 😉

Questions of the Day 

  1. What are your Friday plans? 
  2. Any Thanksgiving parties this weekend? 
  3. Are you a morning person or a night owl?