Current Confessions, Send Help, and Sweet Tooth Cravings (TOL #59)


It’s already Thursday and I’m quite happy about that. Tomorrow, I’ve got quite a few things going on and I’m more than ready to get the weekend started! Plus, I am tired. Real tired. After a great night of sleep Tuesday night (he slept for over five hours in his crib, win!) last night he was not having it. I don’t even know how much sleep I got and I don’t really care to know. Let’s just say, the weekend is coming and I am r.e.a.d.y.

Before diving into the rest of today’s post, as usual, a big thank you to Amanda for hosting! Another reason I’m glad it is Thursday? I fear, TOL (Thinking out Loud) style is the only way my brain is going to work today.

I still haven’t done any Christmas shopping. Oh boy. I may be wrapping presents until Christmas Eve. Send help.



While we are on the topic of Christmas, I would like to ask why there aren’t any good Christmas movies on Netflix. Aside from White Christmas, they really don’t have a lot of good ones up. Is this just me or am I missing some?


Confession number two: I am now addicted to this salad and we’ve enjoyed it for either lunch or dinner the past week plus.


So far, this week my workouts have been Pilates, yoga, and an intense total body weight workout via Pbfingers. (I’ve told you about this one guys- 70 tuck jumps and 100 jump squats, hello pain.) My inner runner is dying to run, but my nasty hip flexor isn’t letting me. The few recent runs that have taken place have been quite cold. Notice the above layers. Also, any good stretches for hip flexor issues would be much appreciated. Until I can run pain-free again, you can find me practicing my crow pose or working on my core/leg strength. (And I guess I’ll work on arms…) Over the years, I’ve learned that when runners’ core and legs are strong, injuries happen a lot less. Six pack, here I come. (ha, joking friends…)



I don’t know if it’s the Christmas cookie season or if something is in the air, but my sweet tooth has been raging lately. (And no, I’m not pregnant again! Ha!) thank goodness for healthy sweet tooth killers, because otherwise I would be in trouble. Current favorite late night sweet snack? Frozen banana + milk + cocoa powder + stevia. Basically, my breakfast every morning. Thankfully, I don’t get bored too easily. (Also, just because I’m eating healthier sweets, doesn’t mean I’m not craving these guys, the photo shown below.) I think I may need to make and consume them sometime this weekend.


Or maybe I should make something more festive, like gingerbread or sugar cookies. Also, how are some people this creative? I’m lucky if I get the cookies iced. 😉

If someday could pick me a pair of these for Christmas, that’d be great…


This colorful lunch is calling my name and I think I know what I’m making for lunch. notice the salad obsession is still going strong.

And with that, I’ll leave you for today. My coffee is getting low and I’m already ready for a nap. SOS.  May you guys have a fantastic day!

Questions of the Day 

  1. Christmas is just TEN DAYS away! What are your plans? Are you traveling or staying put?
  2. What are your favorite Christmas cookies?
  3. If I were to come up with a festive Holiday recipe what would you like to see…a Christmas cookie recipe,a Christmas drink, or a Christmas themed snack?