Confessions of a Pregnant Woman, Instagram Stories (?), and Falling in Love All Over Again (TOL #41) 

I just love Thursdays. Okay, I pretty much love every day of the week, but Thursday’s are great because we are closing in on the end of the week, I like to have super productive Thursday’s before the weekend fun begins, annndd I get to share my random thoughts with you all!  Shout out to Amanda for hosting! 

(Confused? Click here for the scoop.) 

1. Confession number #1. Since  moving around is getting to the point of becoming more uncomfortable, I decided to chill on the couch and spend an hour (after my run) snapping my sister hilarious (or at least I think so) videos. Have you guys tried this bee filter on snapchat? I can’t get enough. 

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2. Confession #2, cereal, smoothies and fruit is all I want lately. I’m still eating my veggies, (proof) but all things cold are the only things that seem to be appealing lately.

3. Last confession? I’m pretty sure I fell in love all over again. Landon surprised me with flowers on Monday which made my heart melt. Can’t even handle that guy. A+ job, baby.

4. Something else that is making me super happy? These new running shoes! Stay tuned tomorrow for the full scoop of the new Wave Engima’s! Short version: they are the bomb and make my feet really happy. 

5. *Awkward transition alert* speaking of feet- this made me laugh out loud. My 14 year old sister went to the beach with my family and put this picture on Facebook. Literally made my day a little bit better. Emily, you outdo yourself.  

6. Since we are talking about funny, anyone else confused with Instagram stories? I feel like it’s the same thing as snapchat stories…do I share everything twice now? So conflicted…

7. Something I’m not conflicted about? My desire to see this movie! I didn’t know they were making another version of Ben-Hur!? Anybody else wanting to see this?

8. That’s all for now friends, I’m off to make a smoothie for breakfast (told you I was addicted…) 

Let’s chat later today, okay? 

Questions of the Day

  1. Random Thursday thoughts? Share them all- I need to hear!!
  2. Any movies that are coming out that you are dying to see? Fill me in.
  3. How do you feel about Instagram stories? Excited, confused, or both?