Bump Date: 32 Weeks! 

And just like that we have arrived into the eighth month of pregnancy! How does that happen?! I definitely feel pregnant, but in a mostly-loving it way. 😉

It’s been so fun to watch baby T move around lately. My stomach moves in all sorts of odd shapes and baby T responds to our voices. It’s pretty wild to think that in reality, if our little one came early, baby T could come anytime.

*Note* All of my “bump date” posts can be found archived under the Pregnancy/Baby page

Baby Updates: 

Baby T is the size of a large head of lettuce. Approximately 19 inches long and 3.9 pounds. (!)

Weight Gained:

I am still hovering around 11-12 pounds.


I am still staying active with running and cross training! This morning, I finished two miles (which felt like 10…) Even though running in the third trimester can be hard, it is always worth it!

Food Cravings:

Watermelon, Greek yogurt, fruit, veggies, smoothies, and coffee.

Food Aversions:



Overall, I am feeling more pregnant. It’s getting harder to get out of bed in the morning (think rolling out of bed). Other than that, I’ve woke up to Charlie horses in my calves a couple times and been enjoying lots of movement by baby T.

Gender Suspicions:

I still say girl…Landon still says boy.

Looking Forward to? 

Our next appointment- hearing baby T’s heartbeat is the best sound in the world.

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases?

Not yet…but the baby registry is pretty much finished. (Yay!!)

Miss Anything?  

Sleeping on my back and being able to move around a little easier. Other than that, not too much else!

Questions of the Day

1.What’s your recent favorite food?

2.Name your latest workout!!

3.What do you guys think? Boy or girl?