Bump Date: 31 Weeks!

All of the sudden, I realized that I have about nine weeks left of being pregnant. Reality in sinking in with each day that passes, each kick that is counted, and each intense smoothie craving that is fulfilled that baby T will be here in   exactly two months (according to my due date!) I’m enjoying sleep while I still can and the freedom to run around anywhere I so desire, but I cannot wait to hold that little one in my arms.

Anyways, enough of my rambling thoughts…lets get to the fun part.

(Also, please excuse the snap chat picture. It’s the only bump picture that happened yesterday…)

Baby Updates: 

Baby T is the size of a coconut (am I the only one having a hard time imagining a coconut sized baby?!) about 18 inches long and 3.2 pounds.

Weight Gained: 

About 11 pounds. Although, some days, it feels like 111 pounds. 


So far, so good. Saturday, I ran three miles and it felt glorious. Yesterday, I focused on my arms and core, and today I have a three mile run scheduled.  Even though exercising while pregnant does feel different, I am so grateful I can still enjoy running and cross training.

Food Cravings: 

Chocolate protein smoothies, salads, fruit, watermelon, cheese, veggies, tortilla chips, and my healthy pie.

Food Aversions: 

Nothing, hallelujah!


 I’m still enjoying watching my stomach move in all sorts of crazy directions. Some days it feels like baby T is pushing me around from the inside. Other than that? Occasional heartburn, interrupted sleep, and shortness of breath (depending on how baby T is situated…)

Gender Suspicions?

I’m still leaning toward girl…

Looking Forward to?

Our final (sad sigh) Bradley class tonight!

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases?

I’m happy to say that I am almost done with my baby registry. Although, if there are any professional baby registry people out there that want to check mine out and make sure I didn’t forget anything, that’d be great.

Miss Anything? 


That’s all for right now ladies and gentlemen, check back in later this afternoon for another new recipe!

Questions of the Day

1. Do you have anything exciting coming up? 

2. What’s your summer running looking like? 

3. Current cravings? Name them!