Bump Date: 30 Weeks 

We made it to the big, 3-0! I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that in around nine weeks our little one could be in our arms!? How is that even possible? 

These past couple weeks have opened my eyes up to how much different the third trimester really is! Although I do miss that, “golden trimester” (aka the second trimester) I’m loving the fact that baby T will be here soon!!

Since we have about 9 weeks left, just for a fun side to side comparison, here is what a difference 9 weeks makes! 

Same dress. 9 weeks later. 

Baby Updates: 

Baby T is the size of a butternut squash(!) approximately 17 inches long, and 3.1 pounds.

Weight Gained: 

About 11 pounds.


Honesty time: this past week I had been fighting hip/ lower back pain so running was put on the back burner. I did get to run Monday and Saturday and in between those runs I was able to fit in, swimming, gardening, core work, arms, and leg workouts. 

(If you missed this circuit workout check it out here.) 

Food Cravings: 

Nothing too out of the ordinary: salads, watermleon, cheese, veggies, iced coffees, fruit, and smoothies. 

Food Aversions:



Lots of movement. Seriously, the other day at church, I thought my whole stomach moved. I’m sure the pastor thought my strange facial expression was a reaction to what he said. 😉  

Other symptoms: heartburn that comes on and off, but when it comes, it likes to come with a vengeance. My hip pain seems to be a ton better (thank you to all those who gave me tips on how to combat that issue!) Mild swelling of my ankles at night. Annnnddd an uncontrollable urge to clean every.single.thing. Last week, Landon came home to find our bedroom torn apart, (I was rearranging), our hall closet completely sorted/organized, the fridge wiped/disinfected/dusted, the kitchen floor mopped, and the entire house vacuumed. 

I think they call this the nesting phase. And I’m pretty sure I’ve entered that stage. 

Other than that, not too much else.  

Looking Forward to?

Our next appointment. I love love love to hear baby T’s heartbeat. And obviously, meeting our little one. 

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases?

I’m still working on that baby registry…a couple items that I am particularly excited about? 

<<< This glider

And our car seat. Something about having a car seat on a regristy makes me so excited. 

Miss Anything?

Nothing really, I am blessed and Jesus is enough.

Questions of the Day: 

  1. What are you current favorite summer cravings?
  2. Have you ever made a regristy before? 
  3. Do you like to rearrange your place or keep it the same?