Bump Date: 27 weeks! 

Ladies and gentlemen, just like that, I am enjoying my last week of the second trimester! The second trimester flew by, which makes me curious to see if that’s the case for the third and last trimester. 

Baby Updates: 

Baby T is the size of a cucumber- about 15 inches long and 2.2 pounds! 

Weight Gained: 

Around 8-9 pounds, but I’m feeling a lot larger than that. 😉 


This past week, I ran 3 times and also incorporated cross training. My runs have been feeling strong, which I am thankful for! 

So far, this week, I’ve run twice and have a leg day planned for tomorrow. 

Food Cravings: 

Wraps, watermelon, strawberries, iced coffee, (now I’m craving coffee?!) salads, veggies, frozen yogurt/banana ice cream,  and cottage cheese.

Food Aversions: 

I’m happy to report, nothing lately! Yay! 


I’ve been “enjoying” some heart burn, (it’s especially awesome during a run!) increased thirst, and I’m definitely more sensitive to the heat. Thank goodness for air conditioning!  Poor Landon is freezing while I’m sweating. 😉 

Gender Suspicions: 

I’ve caught myself saying, “she” latley…so, still leaning towards girl. 

Looking Forward to? 

Registering for baby items and our next Bradley class. 

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases? 

I finally got maternity shorts and a few new summer tops. I’m so happy to have a few more options in my wardrobe. 

Miss Anything? 

Not really, Jesus is enough. 🙂 

Questions of the Day: 

  1. How are you handling the new tempatures? Has anyone been swimming yet? 
  2. What are your recommendations on the best place to register at? 
  3. What are three things that you have planned for today?