Bump Date: 25 weeks!

Ladies and gentlemen, we are only three weeks until I hit the third trimester! How crazy is that? 

This week, I’ve noticed I’ve been feeling more pregnant, but in a mostly good way. 😉 Another fun thing that happened last week? Landon felt baby T kick for the first time, so precious! 

Baby Updates: 

Baby T is the size of a rutabaga! Approximately 1.7 pounds and 9 inches long.

Weight Gained:

Somewhere around 8 pounds.


I’m still feeling good running, lifting some (light) free weights, and focusing on core/leg strength. This past Saturday, Landon and I went on a three mile run, and despite the conditions, I felt strong and really fantastic! Yeah for good runs. 


This week, I’ve noticed I’ve been feeling a little more tired than usual and my feet get a little sore by the end of the day. I’ve also had heartburn occasionally, which is no fun. 

On the bright side, Baby T has been moving around a lot, which always makes me super happy. 

Food  Cravings:

Veggies, big salads, fruit, cottage cheese, tortilla chips, and watermelon, and bagels. 

Food Aversions: 

Nothing really! Coffee is a hit or miss, depending on the day. 

Looking Forward to? 

Our second Bradley class tonight, Landon feeling baby T move around more, and eventually meeting our little one. 

Any Baby/Pregnancy Related Purchases? 

Do more prenatal vitamins count? I know, so lame. 

Miss Anything? 

I think just more clothing options, my poor wardrobe is very limited right now.
Talk to you all later today, be on the look out for a new recipe!