Bump Date: 23 weeks! 

Well hello there friends! We have officially made it to 23 weeks and my mind is going all over the place. The to-do lists are piling up, the excitement is building, and the suspense is killing me.

I also just realized that in only five short weeks, I’ll start my third trimester- I have no idea where the time is going.

Enough talk, let’s find out what baby T and I are up to this past week! 

Baby Updates: 

Baby T is the size of a papaya, about 8 inches, and a little over a pound! He or she also loves to move around and according to the ultrasound, baby T is a thumb sucker. 

Weight Gained:

According to my last appointment, 7 pounds. I’ll take it. 


This last week was great week of exercise! I ran four times last week, did some strength training, and had two rest days. It was glorious. This week, I have four runs planned as well and I am super exited about that! 


Veins, hello veins. (It’s a good look friends 😉 other symptoms include: majorly increased hunger, less fatigue, and decreased aversions to my beloved coffee (more details below!) 

Food Cravings: 

Salads, fruits, hummus, cold cheese, broccoli, banana ice cream, and cereal with almond milk. New strange update: I’ve been eating cereal with almond milk for the past 3 mornings in a row. Can’t.get.enough. Also can please notice the cold cheese in the picture below:) 

Food Aversions:

Big news friends: I had my first cup of black coffee since getting pregnant on Sunday.  Last night, I had another cup. Oh coffee, it is good to have you back in my life.

Now that coffee isn’t an aversion anymore, my aversions are rather limited. Heavy desserts don’t sound too good as well as heavy dishes in general. Other than that, not much else that I can think of.

Looking Forward to:

Landon being able to feel baby T move around. 

Gender Suspicions: 

I’m still thinking girl and still Landon thinks boy 🙂 

Any Baby/ Pregnancy Related Purchases:

Nothing this week, but I am getting ready to register for baby showers 🙂 

Miss Anything? 

Not really. God is good and He is enough. 

Your Turn to Share:

1. What are you looking for in the blog? Want me to share more workouts, recipes, life updates? What do you want to see? 

2. Anyone else like cold cheese? I don’t really mind it melted, but I love it cold, straight off the block! 

3. What is your vote for baby T? Boy or girl? Comment and share-I’ll be making a tally and share on the blog next week about what your votes were!