Bump date: 20 weeks! 

Ladies and gentlemen, I am half way there!? Don’t know how that happened. 

Baby updates: 

Baby T is about the size of a mango! Six and a half inches long and about 10 ounces.

Weight gained: 

Not for sure, but I think about 5 pounds.


So far, I’ve been able to keep working out 4-6 days a week. I feel really good being able to get some endorphins. Although, this week I’ve noticed my running/ workout clothes are getting more snug. 


I get so tired at night now, 8:30 comes around and I am ready for bed. Other fun symptoms: veins, acne (lovely!), and increased appetite. The best “symptom?” Feeling baby T squirm around!

Food aversions:

Coffee and spicy foods.

Food cravings:

Fruit, sweet potatoes, veggies, hummus, Crunchmaster Chips (thanks Charissa!), cheese, lentils, and Smuckers all natural peanut butter.