Bump date: 16 weeks 

Welcome to bump date week 16!

 I can’t believe we are at week 16 already, time is flying. Here’s what’s happening this week:  
Baby updates: 

Week 16: Baby T is the size of an avocado! Little one is practicing facial expressions, and his or her eyes can now detect light (even though baby T’s eyelids are still shut.) 

Weight gained: 

According to the scale, about  3-5 pounds, depending on the time of day. (For the record: it feels like I’ve gained way more than that.) 


Running has been going well overall. These past couple weeks, I’ve been running 3-5 miles about 3-4 times a week. I’ve also continued my strength training. Overall, fitting in about 6 days of exercise a week- and it feels so good. 


My sleep is a lot more interrupted than the past couple weeks, increased appetite, bigger “bump” (that still doesn’t look like a bump yet, ha!), and increased thirst level (hello water.) 

Food aversions: 

Coffee (this is a tragedy, folks!), some spicy foods, and chocolate is a hit or miss around here…

Food cravings:

All.the.fruit. Any fruit. Sweet potatoes, oatmeal, big salads, anything sour, and cheese (the block kind, must be cold.) 

Looking forward to: 

Our next appointment! Can’t wait to hear this little ones’ heartbeat. Such an amazing and sweet sound. 

Gender suspicions: 

I’m leaning towards a girl, but because I think it’s a girl, I’m pretty sure we will have a boy. That makes sense right? 😉 

Baby/ pregnancy related purchases: 

This past week, I have collected a few maternity shirts (aka, bigger, flowy shirts), one pair of maternity shorts, and my wonderful husband bought a beautiful maternity dress for me. 

Miss anything? 

Coffee, my regular jeans, and normal hair. Other than that, I’m  feeling good overall. I know in the end, all the changes and discomfort will be worth it. 

That’s it for today, I’m heading out for a run soon. Make it a great day! 

See you tomorrow with a WIAW (if I remember to take pictures 😉 )