Brunch and a Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Oh hello there and welcome back to the week. I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are arriving at this Monday morning feeling refreshed and rested. I was so excited, Friday, when I glanced at my calendar and realized we had a pretty low key Saturday and Sunday ahead of us. After a couple busy weekends, a restful two days was just what my body was craving. Thankfully, it ended up being about as busy as I had hoped/anticipated, which left me feeling tired and thankful Saturday night.

Let’s rewind to Saturday…


Saturday morning, I slept in until six, poured myself a cup of coffee, had devotions, and kissed Landon goodbye while he headed out to his friend’s house. One of Landon’s friends has a pretty sweet home gym. Landon tries to go over there at least once a week to get an intense upper body workout, since we don’t have huge weights at our place. Thankful for friends! While he was gone, I worked out (obliques and abs for me) and before I knew it, Niah woke up.

We had a typical morning at our place, breakfast for Niah, I got ready for the day and then Landon came home. Right after Landon came home it started SNOWING. I was not mentally prepared for this. It didn’t stick, but watching the flakes come down, reminded me how close we are to the holidays!


Mid-Saturday morning, one of our friends from church, Trey, was coming over to look at my car, which was so kind of him! Since we had two hungry guys coming over, I decided to make a big brunch for everyone. A trip to the grocery store and about an hour later, brunch was served.


On the menu? GF pancakes, bacon (the guys were really excited about that), eggs, hash browns, and an apple compote for the pancakes. YES PLEASE. Is anyone else a brunch lover or is it just me?

After filling up our stomachs with fluffy pancakes, the three guys went outside to look at the car while Benaiah went down for his nap and I cleaned up the kitchen. A clean kitchen = a happy me. A little while later, I got the news: my car is not worth any more money I put into it. BUMMER. That either means, I have to learn stick (Landon’s car is stick) or we get a new car. I am hoping for the later 😉 We spent the rest of our afternoon hanging out with the guys, cleaning up the house, and once they left we headed to the park. Unfortunately is was COLD outside, so we only stayed for a few minutes. Benaiah still loved running around, but seemed a little less thrilled about the cold weather.


“Look epic, honey.”


Also, I cannot handle the raccoon hat and leather jacket. How did he get so big?




After the park, we ended the night with smoothies and a Dick Van Dyke episode, once Benaiah was down. Win, win.



Sunday morning was all about sleeping in. I decided not to turn an alarm on and it felt so glorious to wake up on my own, without an alarm telling me when to get out of bed. I slept in until 8 (don’t remember the last time I did that). Once Niah was up, I quickly got him fed, picked up the house, and made breakfast for Landon and I. Landon ate a few pieces of peanut butter and jelly toast and I opted for my typical smoothie. We read our Bibles and then headed out the door for church.

We spent our morning at church and it was life giving. I love walking out of church feeling encouraged and inspired for the week ahead, it does my body and soul so much good. Once we left church, we headed over to our friend’s house for Korean food (SO GOOD!) and conversation. The Oh’s are seriously the sweetest people. Benaiah loves the Oh’s and it was so cute to watch him hang out with all of her older sons.

pumpkin with pumpkin

After we left, we took full advantage of the sun, by heading to a local pumpkin patch. I had been wanting to go to a pumpkin patch for the past couple of weekends, but thanks to some rainy weekends, we hadn’t gone yet. Thankfully, we were able to sneak out for a couple hours and Benaiah loved it. He picked out his own little pumpkin, while Landon and I shared an apple cider. Unfortunately, I forgot my nice camera, so excuse the iphone pictures.


This place was AMAZING (we went to Goeberrets for you local people) and I was impressed with the number of attractions they had around. Since it was a little cold and Benaiah isn’t quite the age to fully appreciate it, we didn’t try out all of the attractions. We made plans to come back next year- can’t wait!


We wrapped up our weekend by making a BLT salad (for me) and BLTS for Landon and watching another episode of Dick Van Dyke over protein cookies and steamy cups of coffee.

Hope you guys had a great weekend, thank you for stopping by the blog today!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What was the best part of your weekend?
  2. Do you have any fall traditions?
  3. Are you an apple cider person or hot cocoa?