Benaiah’s First Stroller Ride + Mom + Sister Time +Date Night (Friday Scenes 9/16)

Benaiah and I were super excited about our visitors yesterday! My mom and sisters came over late morning and we got to hang out all day.

Obiously, excited.

We chatted, conquered laundry (thanks mom), and while I fed Benaiah the ladies ran to get Subway for everyone else. 

Once Landon came home the party was complete. ❤️

After Landon went back to work and friends stopped over with an amazing meal (more on that below), Benaiah had his first stroller ride. Verdict: He loved it and I loved how easy this stroller is to use. Win, win. 

We had important places to be.

Namely, our local coffee shop. In case you were wondering, they have the best gelato. 

Group picture (note Hannah: she’s quite the model.)

About that good meal? After my mom and sisters left, Landon came home and we enjoyed homemade pizza made with a zuchinni crust. It was delicious and I now need the recipe. 

The rest of Friday night, Landon and I consoled Benaiah (he wasn’t too happy for a while) until he fell asleep on my chest. After he fell asleep, we finished Sherlock and celebrated our date night with a little slice of homemade apple pie. 

Remember my crazy marathon runner friend, Emma? (She’s run like twenty marathons- be impressed folks!) She made the apple pie and it was perfect in every way. Just right for a Friday night treat. Thanks again girl! 

And with that I’m off to start my Saturday morning. We’ll chat Monday! 

Questions of the Day 

  1. What did your Friday look like? 
  2. Favorite coffee shop?
  3. In your opinion, what is the best kind of pizza crust?