Benaiah is Walking and Runners are Great People: Friday Favorites

HEYYY! We made it to Friday and I am more than ready for this slower than usual paced weekend. This week, though good and fun, has been draining! I think I’ve gotten together with people every day and as much fun as that is, I am ready for some down time. But seriously, having friends to get together with, every day of the week is such a blessing and I am so very thankful for those friends in my life!

The only thing I know that we are doing this weekend is our usual soccer game on Saturday morning and I am planning on sneaking my long run in before the game, since I want to watch Landon play! Usually, I run while he plays soccer, but after missing a great game of his last week, I don’t want to miss another game.

Also, this weekend is the CHICAGO MARATHON! I have quite a few friends running the race and can’t wait to cheer them on (even if in spirit!) I wish I was out there with you guys and am so excited to hear how it all goes.

Before diving into the weekend, I thought I would share a few highlights from our week! Let’s begin, shall we?

Baby Play Dates

baby play dates

My sweet friend, Natalie (I met her at my Bradley class) and I have gotten together ever since these two were around maybe a month old (is that right girl?). It has been such a sheer joy getting to know her and raising our boys together. Isn’t so amazing how God places those certain people in your life for a reason? That’s Natalie. I love seeing our boys grow up together and finally start interacting together. 😉 They are going to be the best of buds, we’ve already decided.

Meeting Other Runners

stroller runs

Excuse the iPhone photos, but man, aren’t runners the best kind of people? On my run, yesterday, I was having ZERO luck snagging any epic looking running photos on my iPhone’s self timer feature. A couple sweet runners offered to take multiple photos for me and snagged this shot. It is so nice to meet other nice people and realize, once again, how encouraging it is to simply smile and get to know people you see out on the trails. Thank you runners ladies for the photos!

Benaiah’s Walking


I knew when Benaiah would start walking he would be flying and as usual (or I like to think it’s that way) mom was right! Now that he knows how to walk, he rarely wants to sit still. Although, yesterday, at lunch he was falling asleep mid-chew. All that walking sure takes a lot out of oneself!

I hope you all have a fantastic rest of your Friday and a great weekend! I will talk with you on Monday.

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is the best part of your weekend going to be?
  2. Do you have any Saturday or Sunday traditions?
  3. Any Friday plans?