Benaiah: 16-17 Month Update



Getting so big. So humbled to be this little man’s mama. Entering this new stage of full on toddler mode has it’s own challenges, but for every challenge there are at least a hundred sweet moments.

Recent favorites:

He’s started holding my hand and walking side by side with me. 
He loves reading and watching Veggie Tales.
I’ve never met someone who has such a passion for blueberries.
He started saying ‘clock,’ ‘yeah,’ ‘no,’ and somewhat of ‘love mama..’ < we are still working on that one.

I think I say this for every single stage he enters (and exists) but this stage is probably my favorite.

Each stage is so precious and sweet, but watching his little skills develop more and more each day, bring me so much joy!


Thank goodness sleep is still going well over here! Benaiah goes down around 7:00 pm and wakes up right around 7:00 am. It took us a long time to get him to sleep a solid 12 hours at night, but we made it. I am so thankful for a good nights of rest, these days.


Last time we checked in, Benaiah’s naps were all over the place, but I am happy (SO happy) to report, we finally got him down to one, solid two hour nap. His current napping situation is as follows. Landon comes home for lunch (1pm). We all eat lunch together, catch up on each other’s days and play together. Landon leaves for work (2pm) Niah is rocked and put to bed around 2:15pm. Most days he sleeps until 4:20 ish and during that time I get as much work and house projects as I can squeeze in. Having a well defined and scheduled nap time is such a game changer. So thankful for our new, little routine we have going on now.

Social and New Skills

As shared above, Benaiah is growing and learning more and more each day. The more I watch and observe this little boy, the more I realize he is such a fun combo of both, Landon and I. He has his quieter, more contemplative moments like Landon. But, then he breaks out into these ridiculous dance moves and squeals that would definitely be more from me. Watching his love for blueberries, his passion for music, his curiously and obsession with our bread machine/crock pot/ and toaster oven/ make my days. I can’t imagine life without my little buddy.



Benaiah’s love for food continues as he plows through more food than I eat in a day. Okay, that’s probably an exaggeration, but man can this boy eat. I’ve discovered that he eats the most in the morning, which means I try to get in as much nutrition as I can in the morning. Recently, he loves blueberry oatmeal for breakfast, more of a snack like lunch (recent favs = hard boiled eggs + cucumbers + toast + more blueberries) and dinners are whatever we are eating. He does pretty good with his veggies too, especially if they are hidden in smoothie form!

A month of two ago, we pinpointed his reoccurring rash around his mouth as a dairy allergy and since taking him off dairy completely for about three weeks now, his rash is SO much better! Goodbye, dairy.


How am I doing?

This new season of life is so fun. And so hard. And so wonderful. And so magical – all at the same time. I fall asleep totally exhausted and yet, excited for the another day of doing it all over again. As I stare into those little eyes, so full of trust and wonder of life, I realize what a precious, precious gift motherhood is. I am so thankful for each and every moment (both the good and not so glamorous moments).

I don’t know when I am officially out of that postpartum stage (is it a year or earlier?) but I definitely feel officially out of that stage and feel so good. My runs and workouts have been feeling good lately and I am so thankful for a healthy body!

Questions of the Day 

  1. If you are a mom, do you have a favorite stage? Or are they all just fun?
  2. When did your kid go down to one nap?
  3. The best part about today is going to be __________?