Behind the Scenes

My day was made when I sleepily read one of my favorite bloggers, Sunnie, and noticed that she had tagged me to do a “Behind the Scenes” post.  Before I jump into the post, I wanted to take a minute and tell everyone a little about this girl. She is such an awesome blogger, friend, and has a beautiful personality.


She also loves horses.


Makes fantastic smoothies (and many other delicious eats!)



Has the most adorable dog, Zazu. Everybody, please go and check her blog out. (You can find it here.)

Thanks for the nomination Sunnie, my blog would definitely not be the same without you- literally 😉

Well my life, ‘behind the scenes’ looks a lot like this:

untitled (22)

Behind the scenes, I believe I keep Starbucks running. My favorite is either their black coffee or their Passion tea. Recently though, I have tested out a new ‘healthy’ coffee. It tastes amazing and has great health benefits. (I will be able to give a review for you all soon). Either way though, a lot of coffee happens around here.

untitled (29)

Behind the scenes, I creep out of bed early in the morning, make coffee (obviously) and spend time with the Lord.  Just the realization that the maker of the universe loves me and knows me, is pretty amazing.  I love to journal my thoughts and read His word. This part of my day, is my favorite.

untitled (23)

Behind the scenes, I have a pretty awesome dad. This morning he noticed I was struggling with the ice on my car and helped me finish raking it off. What a champ!

untitled (26)

Behind the scenes, I am blessed with many wonderful friends (that have not been mentioned on my blog.) They have been a shoulder for me to cry on, encouragement to me when I needed it, and they have made me laugh until I cry. I am very blessed. (By the way, check out my friends blog- she’s pretty awesome and a runner!)

untitled (28)

Behind the scenes, I invest my money in many, many, sweet potatoes. I don’t foresee the sweet potato fry addiction stopping any time soon. And I am ok with that.

untitled (27)

Behind the scenes I wear a lot of my running clothes, even when I am not running. Maybe I wish I were running. Or maybe I just like how comfy they are. Or maybe I am just too lazy to change. Eh- I will stick to the first two.

untitled (20)

Behind the scenes, I babysit a lot. And I love it, I mean look at her, is she not perfect? (Please excuse the terrible Snapchat picture)

untitled (21)

Behind the scenes, I pin a lot of inspirational running quotes. Like this one.

untitled (30)

Lastly, behind the scenes I rearrange a lot of the furniture to get the best angle/lighting/background, etc. It’s a challenge and most of my family thinks I am weird, but hey, it’s blogger problems, right?

So how about you guys? What happens behind the scenes are your homes?

I nominate:

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Can’t wait to see what you lovely ladies post!