Back to Running after some Time Off…How to Return without Injuring Yourself!

So, that day in the life of post? Look for it tomorrow 😉 until then….let’s talk about running and how to return to running after a break (scheduled break or not)…


We all take breaks from things and everyone has an off season (even elites take off seasons after intense races!) but even though breaks are needed and healthy to take, it is important to return back to training, if you want to continue to build fitness!


When returning to running, there are a few pitfalls we need to make sure to avoid!

1. Returning to running over zealously.
2. Returning to running too cautiously and hindering our own potential!

I’ve fallen into both of these pitfalls before and they are no fun. When I’ve returned to training to over zealously post- race, I’ve found myself injured and frustrated, especially having to take an additional couple of days/weeks off running! On the other hand, when I’ve returned to running too cautiously, I’ve found myself plateauing, losing fitness and going a step backwards in my training or my goals, which is so frustrating.

So how do we fix this problem?

The first step is knowing your goals, your own fitness level, and evaluating your past training cycle. Knowledge is power friends, and knowing exactly where you are and where you want to go will set you up for succcess!

The next step, after realizing where you are, is picking a goal that is attainable in the next 90 days, but stretching enough to make you uncomfortable (because in discomfort GROWTH happens!)

Lastly, after knowing where you are and picking a growth goal, it is important to lay out a road map on how to get there. What is your training plan going to look like? How will you build effectively and avoid injuries? What is your strength training plan, etc.

Once you start running…

1. Make sure the first couple runs are E effort (E = easy.) Don’t push yourself too hard during these first runs. The goal should be to get the legs moving, blood flowing and the mind enjoying the process.
2. Allow your body 1-2 weeks to ease into heavy training, by keeping most of your runs/strength training sessions easy paced. Have a long run of no more than 60 min.
3. After two weeks, start adding in speed work back into your training and increase your distance! You want to build back quickly, but not too fast (which can increase the risk for injury!)

As you can tell, coming back to running, post break (especially after a big race) is a fine balance and it is important to take seriously!

I hope you all have a great Wednesday and I promise, I will be back tomorrow with some fun day in the life of things

Questions of the Day 

  1. How do you return to running after a break?
  2. What is your favorite season to run in?
  3. Take a vote: hot cocoa or wassail?