Baby T’s Camera Shy, Selfies, and Free Donuts: TOL (#30) 

Today’s Thursday and you know what that means! Time for another TOL (Thinking out Loud). Shout out to the fabulous Amanda for always hosting this fun party! 

Enough chit chat, let the craziness begin.

1. Charissa and I like to keep each other up to date about how out runs go, totally normal right? 

2. The above picture is proof that this happens quite often. I also just realized I am wearing the same shirt in both photos. Oh, how nice. 

3. Speaking of nice, my sweet friend Amber, let me come over, chop a bunch of lilacs off her bush, and let me hang out with her while her kids took a nap. She’s a doll. Also, the smell of these lilacs are killer.

4. I was so excited yesterday to find another maternity outfit I could wear. My wardrobe is super limited right now, so any new pieces I find is usually the highlight of my day.

5. Speaking of  highlights from yesterday, I  made another version of my Banana Ice Cream. (I may have a problem.) This time it was Mocha Flavor. Hello delicious. (Apologize for the recycled photo, I inhaled it too quick last night.)   

6. Since we are chatting about delicious things, if you missed my Chicken Nugget recipe, check it out! These are not only scrumptious, healthy, and fairly easy to make, but they are man approved 😉 

7. Baby T was such a stinker yesterday. I felt him or her moving around a bunch and even saw movement. Thinking I would surprise Landon with a video of baby T’s mad kickboxing skills, I grabbed my phone to record a video. Of course, right after I started recording- little one decided to rest. What a stinker! 

8. While we are on the topic of babies, one of my old co-workers is expecting her first just a few weeks ahead of me! I was able to go to her baby shower on Sunday and it was a blast. She’s completely adorable and her bump is perfect. Can’t wait to meet that little girl! 

9. Another adorable thing? Landon playing a game of chess against our sisters. 

10. My crew (also known as my sisters) aren’t they gorgeous? 

11. A fun tradition that we have as sisters is to stop at a local bakery twice a month for fresh, free, donuts. Yes, you heard that right, they hand out free donuts every Friday. Friday’s are happy days. 

That is it for now friends! Stop in later today and you may find a new recipe. 😉  

Now you share your random Thursday thought:

  1. Are you a donut lover or bagel lover, or both? 
  2. Anyone else love snapchat? 
  3. What are your favorite kind of springtime flowers?