Baby T is an Acrobat, National Geek Day, and Push-ups are Back in My Life (TOL #38) 

Good morning friends! Hope your Thursday is already off to a great start. I am looking forward to a day of working out, organizing our home, and running errands.

Before we get this party started, a big shoutout to the lovely Amanda for hosting!

(Still confused at what TOL is? Click here for more details!)

1. Happy moment of the week? Date lunch with Landon!! Landon’s boss and his wife invited us (and Landon’s office) over for lunch and it was delicious! I need to take hostessing lessons from them, they are gifted! (I should also note my straight blowed-dried hair lasted .56 sec- 90% humidity kills my hair.)

(Pic from my snap chat >>> follow me at luluruns315!!)

2. Speaking of happy, after enjoying a delicious meal for lunch (that I didn’t have to make!) Landon and I had dinner at our Aunt and Uncle’s home. As much as I love to cook, a break every now and then is very welcome!

3. I couldn’t even handle Landon and his co-workers yesterday. Apparently it was national geek day yssterday? Of course, they all had to dress up.

4. Even though I didn’t have to cook anything (expect breakfast) yesterday, that didn’t keep me out of the kitchen for too long. Yesterday, I shared a new Mocha Frappucino yesterday! Check it out here!

5. While I was in the kitchen, I also whipped up a experimental recipe for Landon and I tomorrow evening! If it turns out, I will share on Saturday- so be on the lookout. If you don’t see anything on Saturday (anything involving strawberries!) you’ll know it didn’t work out. 😉

6. Since I mentioned working out,  I’ve been incorporating more push-ups into my circuit workouts and I’ve already noticed a difference! Push-ups and I have a love/hate relationship. I love how effective they are, but oh boy, they are killer!

7. While I workout, I think baby T is rocked to sleep, but in the evening baby T moves around like an acrobat! I wish you all could see my stomach move around, it is the weirdest thing! I mean, I never knew that my stomach could move around in so many directions!!

8. Speaking of baby T, Kelle, who I talked about yesterday also sent me these adorable socks! I cannot even handle the cuteness.

That’s all for today friends! Let’s hangout later today over a cup of coffee and a conversation about the importance of speed work, okay?

Questions of the Day

1. Share your random thoughts! I want to hear them all!

2. Geek day: Did you do anything? 

3. Favorite exercise and least favorite exercise? Do you enjoy push-ups?