Baby Showers and Restful Sunday’s (Weekend Recap 8/7)

Ahh, weekends. I love you.

As much as I love week days, I am always grateful for weekends where I can unplug and unwind. Even though this weekend was full, I was able to rest on Sunday, which was lovely. 

I may have unplugged too much though…I think I snapped three pictures on Sunday. Ahh, well.

Let’s rewind to Saturday morning. (Saturday I actually captured lots of photos!) 

Saturday morning started off with good things. Mainly coffee.

After a late night and not much sleep, coffee tasted especially amazing.

Shortly after downing breakfast, I headed out to my second-to-last baby shower.  

Twins 💛

My mom/sisters hosted (and mother/sister in laws helped!) The theme was “Ready to Pop,” and they had popcorn on each table. 
How adorable is that?

In addition to the awesome people, the food was amazing too. Cesar salad, cucumber tea sandwiches, watermelon, and veggies! You are good to me mother. 😉

Surrounded by almost forty of some very special ladies, I felt so loved (and baby T too!) 

After opening gifts and chatting with all the ladies, I headed back home and my friend Savannah (from TN!) came back with me to hang out for a couple days. 

Once we made it back home, Landon, Savannah and I ate dinner (leftovers- because I’m a super classy hostess) and enjoyed banana ice cream while watching Iron Man 2.

Apparently, we all stayed up too late because Sunday morning, Landon and I slept through our alarm. We didn’t make it to our normal Sunday service, but we did manage to make it to church- barely. 

Lesson learned: go to bed earlier. 

The rest of our Sunday was spent visiting with friends, grocery shopping, making tacos, and taking attractive photos. 

Namely, this one. 

Gotta love the braces right? 

And that’s a wrap. Savannah and I are off for a day off shopping! 

Questions of the Day

  1. What did your weekend look like? 
  2. Anybody else from the glorious state of Tennessee?  
  3. Any movie that you watched this weekend?