Baby Dreams, Caviar, Downton Abbey: Thinking out Loud (#26)


It’s time for another round of Thinking out Loud. Thanks, Amanda, for hosting! Let’s start the party, shall we? 


1. I can’t stop thinking about who our little one is going to be. Last night, I had a dream that he (or she) was here. It was such an amazing feeling to be a mom! Although I’ve had a couple dreams about me giving birth and having the baby, the gender is never revealed- why!?


2. This quote. Who are some of your heroes? Amy Carmichael is one of my all time favorite heroes, along with Gladys Alward, David Livingstone, and the Elliot’s.

3. Cantaloupe  and apples were on sale- score! 

 4. I got a new lipstick the other day and I love it! You can’t really tell the shade in this picture, but it is a dark pink. 

5. Charissa introduced me to these chips above. Naturally, I bought some and sent her a snap. Pretty sure this is normal behavior. 

6. Oh and those flowers in the background, aren’t they gorgeous!? My sweet friend gave me a vase full of them last week. Week = made. 

7. Don’t get me wrong, I love Woodmans, but I just needed to find black eyed peas. It literally took me about 7-10 minutes. And of course, they are on the top shelf. 

8. You’re wondering why I needed black eyed peas, so glad you asked. Behold: Texas Caviar. No, this is my real caviar, but hello- it is so good. I knew I needed this in my life when Janae recently made a similar recipe. 

9. Pretty sure most of you know already, but I like to share as much of my life with you guys as possible. 😉 Anyways, I’ve been feeling Baby T move around for the past week. Those movements make everything so real. 

10. One of my favorite places to find adorable swim wear. (But they don’t have maternity!?) Debating on getting one to have after baby T is born. Not the most practical idea, but those suits though. So adorable, modest, and fashionable. 

11. Starting Downton Abbey all over again. I’m gearing up for when season 6 hits the library. Does anyone else love this show? 

12. I had a pretty intense leg day yesterday. If somebody could wheel me around today, that would be great. 

Catch you all tomorrow- almost to the weekend! 

Questions of the Day: 

1. Who are some of your heroes? 

2. Are you guys Downton Abbey fans or do you have another series you love? 

3. What has your most recent workout been?