Arm and Core 20 Minute Strength Training Circuit 

I am a big fan of at home workouts and I know that they will be even more handy once baby T makes his or her arrival. I like to come up with quick and efficient workouts, that leave me feeling sore, but do not take too much time or too much equipment. 

Tuesday, I came up with this circuit workout and my arms are still sore! (It must have been effective.) 

The only equipment you will need is two dumbells (your preferred weight- 10,15,20 pounds or more.) You will be planking for four minutes (1 minute each, four times) including 4, 45 sec side planks on each side. Don’t let this scare you, planks are fabulous ways to tone and build ab muscle without having to do about 152,869,000 sit ups. 

So, next time you are stuck at home and can’t think of a good exercise routine to do, try this one out and let me know what you think. 

20 Minute Arm/Core Circuit Workout

Questions of the Day:

  1. What is your favorite way to exercise? (Biking, swimming, running, lifting, circuit training, etc?) Mine: Running. Forever and always. 
  2. Any fun plans for Friday? Do you prefer to stay in on Friday nights or go out?
  3. Dinner plans anyone? Tacos are on the schedule for the Thompson household tonight!