Apparently I Like to Eat out of Cups and Bowls (WIAW 6/14) 

Good morning and happy Wednesday to you friends. I hope your morning has gotten off to a fantastic start. So far, I’ve downed a bunch of water, packed Landon’s breakfast and lunch for work, and had my devotions. So far, so good.

Since it is Wednesday, we are celebrating with WIAW! Because, who doesn’t celebrate Wednesday’s? (Have no idea what is going on?  Check it out here.)

Shout out to Jen for creating the WIAW party – without further ado- let’s jump into the food details.

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Yesterday morning, I kicked off Tuesday with a workout which focused on arms and core. I’m a runner at heart, but I’ve leaned how important it is to have a strong body while running. I’ve also been trying to rest my hips, since they’ve been bothering me recently. (Thank you baby T) 😉

Although I was bummed to skip my run, this workout was super effective and I woke up this morning with sore arms!

After my workout, I downed a peanut butter, chocolate, and banana smoothie. (Recipe to come!)

Following my smoothie, the rest of my morning consisted of cleaning, grocery shopping, reading my favorite blogs, and making some phone calls. (I.e. Talking with my mom!)

Around one, my stomach was grumbling so I whipped up a big salad, multigrain tortilla chips, and mozerella cheese.

After lunch, I worked on my blog, worked on baby registry, made a couple more phone calls, and organized the bedroom.

I also made an iced coffee that totally hit the spot.

Landon came home early so we  could eat an early dinner and leave for our Bradley class on time. Dinner consisted of a salad, golden beet soup, organic multigrain toast  (topped with coconut oil.)

We are close to finishing our Bradley class which I’m kind of sad about. It is such a fun class and I’m going to miss it when it ends!

Once we came home, Landon and I had a slice of my healthy chocolate pie (super healthy, super good!) and called it a night.

Looking back, apparently I enjoy eating my food out of bowls and cups- but I’m not mad about it. 😉

That’s all for now friends, check back in later for another new recipe. (Hint: chocolate and bananas)

Questions of the Day:

  1. Name three things you ate yesterday! 
  2. If you are a runner, do you incorporate strength training into your normal routine? 
  3. Do you eat out of plates or bowls/cups more?