Another Long Run Weekend + A Sunday of Rest

Hey there friends and good morning to you on this crazy Monday. I knew it was going to be an, let’s call it, ‘exciting’ day when Niah woke up on the wrong side of the crib. He isn’t usually fussy, but today was an exception! Thankfully, he is taking his morning nap now, so mom can get in some work time.

I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend, filled with all your favorite things. Ours was rather low key and I really didn’t mind the quietness of the weekend.

Let’s rewind to Saturday morning, shall we?

Saturday morning began bright and early with a five o’clock wake up call from Benaiah. Although I do enjoy a slow morning start on weekend mornings, I had a 10 mile runs scheduled and I wanted to squeeze it in before the heat came!

I fed Benaiah, got him adjusted, and left him with Landon before taking off for my solo ten mile run. Honestly, I was excited and a little nervous about this run. Since most of my long runs (almost all) have been run with a group, I didn’t know how enjoyable this run would be since I was all alone. Thankfully, after getting into my groove (does it take anyone around 2 miles to actually wake up?!) the miles clicked by quite nicely. Around mile six, I started to notice some perenoeal tendon pain (again!), but God was gracious and it disappeared after a little bit. I finished happy with an overall time of 1:25:08 with an average of 8:30 min/mile for my pace.


Once I got home, I took quite a while to stretch, ice, and foam roll before having this deliciousness for breakfast. I scrambled three eggs, topped it with sharp cheddar cheese and ate a homemade granola bar on the side.


Normally, I will eat a massive protein shake afterwards, but since I ran out of protein powder and the bananas weren’t frozen solid, I opted for scrambled eggs, which ultimately hit the spot.

Once I got back, Landon headed to soccer and I worked on the house while Benaiah slept. Landon and I spent the rest of the afternoon working on projects and going for a nice, slow walk.


After our walk, we refueled with a big lunch of roasted potatoes, a big salad and grilled chicken.


Plate 1 of 2.

Shortly after lunch and a nap (running ten miles makes me tired!) we headed to a friend’s house for dinner and games. They have a daughter that is only a few months older than Niah, which is so much fun! We enjoyed sandwiches and a fruit salad before playing a couple card game rounds.

Once Benaiah went down for bed, Landon and I spent the rest of the evening eating popcorn and watching Dick Van Dyke.

Saturday = success.



Since I had my long run on Saturday, Landon decided to run his long run on Sunday. While I got ready for church, Landon cranked out ten miles and Niah played with his toys.

I ate a quick smoothie, fed Benaiah his favorite breakfast of banana and got dressed for church. Once Landon came home, we were on our way and spent half the day with our friends worshiping.


After church, the three Thompson’s took some time to rest- Landon and Benaiah napped while I read. Amidst all the craziness of the week, it feels really, really good to take a Sunday and really rest. Once I was done immersing myself in my current novel, I picked up the house before Benaiah and Landon woke up.


Feeling energized, we left for a quick walk to the park and made a few new friends.



We ended the evening with the typical chicken salad for dinner + homemade cheesy popcorn and a movie. Just the way we like it.


I hope you guys have a fabulous Monday and I will catch you tomorrow!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Did anyone else have a long run?
  3. What is your favorite Sunday tradition?