Accomplishments and a Workout Together (TOL #54)

Happy Thursday you lovely human you. I hope this post finds you with a full cup of coffee and a relaxing day ahead of you! Compared to yesterday, my day is going to be pretty chill, complete with running and  a “baby play date,” i.e. some mom- to-mom quality conversation time.

Keeping with our Thursday tradition around here, I’ll share my random thoughts with you all, in TOL fashion. (Confused, click here.) Also, thanks to Amanda for hosting this fun party!

  1. So, you know the plague I experienced Monday? I totally played detective last night and I figured out it was mastitis. Glad to feel better. Glad to be over it.

  2. Speaking of yesterday, I accomplished about a million things off my to do list (i.e. Bathe Benaiah, take meal to friend, workout, organize closets, so laundry, etc…) and felt pretty accomplished once I was all snuggled up in bed! Don’t you love those days when everything goes as planned?


  1. Oh yeah, I even got my toenails painted. Win, win.

  2. Speaking of…why do finger nail polish chip so quickly and yet toenail polish stays on for years? (Okay, slight exaggeration…) I hardly paint my fingernails because of this. I guess it’s just one more reason to paint the toes instead of the fingers.


  1. Another good thing that happened yesterday? Landon and I worked out together while the little man slept. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to work out as a couple and I’ve missed it! Thanks for the sweat, babe.

  2. While we are talking about sweat, it’s been a while since I’ve shared a workout with you all. Is there any kind of workout that you guys are wanting? Circuit, weights, body weight, treadmill, running, etc?

7. In other news, if anyone hasn’t heard, Beauty and the Beast is coming out in March! Beauty and the Beast was one of those movies my siblings and I would watch on repeat. I can’t wait to see how this version is. What are your feelings on it? How did you all like the remake of Cinderella?

8. Another thing that I can’t wait for? Christmas. Now that we are well into November (eh, three days in) I can’t help but dream about Christmas music, tree trimmings, and gift wrapping. Does anyone else have the Christmas itch yet? Also, I’m the type of person that tries to wait until after thanksgiving to decorate and start playing Christmas music…thanksgiving seems like an eternity away. Do you wait to decorate or is it whenever you feel like it?

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is one random Thursday thought you have? Share it with me! 
  2. What are your thoughts on Christmas decorations? Wait or the earlier the better?
  3. Are there any specific workouts you want to see on the blog?