A Weekend of B A L A N C E

Well look who is actually posting a weekend recap on Monday morning? The past couple of weeks (or months?) I’ve had every intention of writing a weekend recap, but for whatever reason (mainly, life) it hasn’t happened! Which means, I am super pumped about sharing this weekend recap with you all today!

This past weekend felt so balanced, not only in food/exercise, but in (and even more so) in resting/time with family/ time with friends. Weekend, you do me good. Coming off of Sunday evening and diving straight into Monday the past couple weekends I’ve felt a little frazzled and less rested, but today, I feel refreshed and ready for another week. And I’m determined to make it a good one.

I hope you are coming to the blog today, feeling refreshed too and if not, I’m hoping your Monday feels more like a Friday 😉

Let’s start with this recap, shall we?



Maybe part of the reason why I feel so good this Monday morning is because I got to sleep in until 9 IN THE MORNING on Saturday! When I rolled over and looked at my clock, Saturday morning, I was shocked to see 9 am staring me in the face. I don’t remember the last time I slept in that late. I must have needed the rest and Landon was so gracious to take care of Benaiah for an hour, while I slept. Once I got up, I poured myself my usual black coffee, caught up with my boys and had my time with Jesus.

Although the sleep felt amazing, I did feel a little bummed I didn’t get my long run in first thing in the morning. But, instead of letting it ruin my day, I decided to eat a carby breakfast, enjoy a slower paced morning and run while Niah took his afternoon nap.


After devotions, I got to work making buckwheat pancakes and they turned out to be everything I hoped for (and more.) We all enjoyed topping the pancakes with raspberries and pure, maple syrup (the only way to go) and I polished off two and a half before calling it quits.


Once our bellies were full, we spent the rest of our morning picking up around the house, meal prepping, and getting a few tasks done for the day. Around 12, we decided to take Niah to the library and enjoy a change of scenery. It’s so fun to watch Benaiah soak in new surroundings and watch the simple joys of a trip to the library in his eyes. I think we all equally enjoyed our time playing with trains and looking at books, before coming home to lunch for Benaiah. Since Landon and I were both working out during nap time, we both snacked a little on hummus/crackers/cucumbers and I hopped on a biz call.


After my call and Benaiah’s lunch, I put him down and got ready to run. Honestly, the first three miles felt like 10 and I felt myself becoming discouraged thinking I had still 7 more to go, but with Landon’s encouragement and my own self pep talk, my run turned around and I got 10 done, with happy legs and a happy self! The run ended averaging around an 8:20ish pace – which I was so happy to see. Half marathon, PR, I am coming for YOU!

Landon and I took turns getting cleaned up and right afterwards, Benaiah was up and ready to play! Benaiah and Landon spent some time together, while I cooked up some chicken fajitas and within an hour we spent time feasting away on one of my favorite Mexican dishes. Fajitas + guacamole + chips =  happy Bethany.


One of my favorites parts of the day is the time we spend with Niah right before bed. Saturday, we played together, ran around the house like crazy people and took turns jabbering back and forth. It’s those simple moments of the three of us, all laughing together that remind me of just how precious moments are. Once our happy boy was in bed, Landon and I spent time talking, watching Psych and eating bowls of ice cream. I made a homemade chocolate drizzle which turned out INSANE. It froze on the chocolate and reminded me of that ‘magic turtle shell,’ ice cream topper that you can find in the grocery store > except in my opinion this way way better!


A movie + best friend + ice cream + cozy blankets = best Saturday night, ever.



Coming off of such a good Saturday, I woke up Sunday morning feeling so refreshed and encouraged. I woke up just before Benaiah, which meant I was in full on mommy mode right away. Thankfully, Benaiah snuggled for a good while with me, nursed, and then wanted oatmeal. I got him oatmeal, while Landon slept. Recently, Benaiah is obsessed with blueberries (which he sweetly calls ‘do, dos.’ Obviously, Benaiah ate quite a few blueberries and oatmeal while Landon and I sipped on our morning cups of coffee. After devotions, I made us smoothies and we quickly got ready for church.


We spent our morning and early afternoon at church and eating lunch with friends. Once we came home, we tucked our sleepy boy to bed and Landon and I spent time planning out our upcoming vacation! We are planning to take a vacation next week and I couldn’t be more excited. I love the idea of creating a life that I don’t feel like I need to escape from, however, I love seeing different parts of the world and sometimes that break from the daily hustle is simply, needed.

While we planned and Niah slept, I worked on this blog post and poured myself another cup of coffee. Because, why not?

Landon and I had made plans to get together with Landon’s family for dinner, so once Benaiah woke up from his nap, we packed up and headed to the family’s house. We spent the rest of our evening, playing games with family, eating the best home fries (ever!) and watching an episode of Psych with the family.

Niah ended up falling asleep than normal, but that didn’t stop Landon and I from enjoying one last treat before bed. You guessed it, ice cream and homemade chocolate syrup > because B A L A N C E.

Can’t wait to chat with you all tomorrow! Hope you week is off to a fantastic start!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What was your weekend like?
  2. Superbowl thoughts? Did your team win?
  3. What was the best food you ate this weekend?



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