A Run, a Wedding, and a Chess Tournament (Weekend Recap 10/23)

And we are back to Monday, why do the weekends fly by so fast? Our weekend seemed to pass all to quickly and the funny thing is, that when I sat down to draft this post, I had to think about what we actually did Saturday and Sunday.

Let’s see….


Since we had a late Friday night, it was necessary to begin Saturday morning with a large cup of coffee.


And because it’s the fall season, pumpkin bread is in order. While Landon played soccer and Benaiah napped, I downed the last piece of pumpkin bread (sorry babe!) and had my devotions.


We usually go and cheer Landon on at his games, but again, thanks to a late Friday night, we all woke up late Saturday morning. Since it’s basically impossible to leave the house quickly with an almost two month old (how?! Que the tears.) we decided Landon should just go.

He wasn’t gone for too long (yay!) and once we came home, I made him breakfast while I sipped on another cup of coffee.

After chatting and relaxing with each other, we all got cleaned up and headed to Landon’s cousin’s wedding.


Weddings = a good excuse to clean up = a good excuse for a family photo. Thanks Nikki. 🙂


Since we had the little man with us, we couldn’t attend the reception, so after hanging out with family, we headed back home to an egg sandwich dinner. It was basically as good as wedding food. (Haha, not.)

I wasn’t planning on crashing early, but that is just what I did. I even fell asleep on a movie which never happens.


Sunday morning consisted of feeding Benaiah, getting ready for church, a smoothie, and whipping up a batch of corn flake treats for our church’s potluck.

Is it just us or does the house explode Sunday morning? It must have something to do with us making a mad dash to church, but the house was left pretty chaotic which meant a deep cleaning once we came back!

Since Landon had some of his guy friends coming over, I made another batch of corn flake treats while Landon finished the last minute cleaning details.

Company is great to have over and another bonus? You have another excuse to clean the house.


Sunday’s weather was amazing and knowing that this won’t last much longer, Landon, Benaiah and I went on a little walk to soak in the last of the warmth!


We got back with time to spare before the guests came.

Okay, so it wasn’t really a tournament, but the game was pretty intense. I am so glad that Landon has his guy friends to play chess with, because I am the last person to play chess. I really have no idea how to play or (let’s be honest, shall we?) no desire to learn. Thank goodness for guys who like chess just as much as my husband. The played a game of four way chess and a couple ‘tournament’ rounds.


While the guys played chess, I got some fresh air and went for a quick  two mile run. Running I can do, chess I cannot. Well, I think I can run, because honesty time: this run was tough- my legs felt heavy and my back felt a tight. I thought about stopping early a couple times, but then reminded myself that hard runs are going to happen and I need to be okay with that.


After our company left, we had a quick dinner, watched an episode of our recent favorite tv series, and crashed in bed.

Looking back, it ended up being a pretty fabulous weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend too, whatever you ended up doing!

On that note, I will leave you for today, may your Monday be beautiful and filled with many cups of strong coffee.

Questions of the Day 

  1. Do you play chess? If not, what is your favorite game?
  2. Corn flake treats are my favorite, easy treat to make (I’ll share that recipe soon!) What is your favorite easy treat to make?
  3. I am going to talk more about this soon, but how do you handle hard runs? Any strategies?