A RUN (!!), a Baby Shower, and I Shouldn’t Be Out Late Anymore… (Weekend Recap 8/1) 

Woah, guys- happy Monday and happy first day of August!! I can’t believe this weekend is over and that August has begun. I know I say this every weekend, but these past couple days flew by. 

Let’s rewind to Friday night…

Landon and I set aside every Friday night as a date night. We focus on spending time with each other, turning off our phones, and setting work aside.

Obviously, Friday’s are good nights. 

Especially when then involve homemade mac and cheese. 

When I asked Landon what he wanted for our date night dinner, he responded, “A lot of your homemade Mac and cheese.” 

I came through with a huge batch… I don’t think he’s mad about having leftovers this week… 😉 

Okay, so phones are normally put away, but we had to play around with snapchat first. 

We tried “face swap,” but let me assure you, it’s too scary to put up here. 

We ended the evening with Ant Man, which was hilarious. I recommend it.

Saturday morning, Landon and I ran just under two miles! It felt amazing and I am so glad that my ankle is on the mend!! 

After eating a quick brunch (oatmeal for me!) Landon and I left to go to a couples baby shower, which was a bunch of fun! 

I felt so loved and overwhelmed by everyone’s giving heart! 

Sunday morning, Landon and I spent at church and afterward we went to my in laws for gardening, pool time, and dinner! 

Aren’t these ladies gorgeous? 

While Landon and the guys went shooting, the girls and I picked produce of our garden and swam! Hello summer. 

Giant zuchinni = good recipes coming to the blog this week. 

After a dinner of burgers, fruit salad, and cucumber salad, Landon, the guys and I played this card game for an hour or so. 

I think I figured the strategy out at the end… 😉 

I knew it was time to leave when I couldn’t see my ankles and my legs looked like tree trunks. Well played pregnancy….

I don’t think late nights and I see  eye to eye anymore. Once we got home, I crawled into bed and crashed. 

This weekend was busy, full, but beautiful! I hope you had a great weekend too. (Tell me all about it!!) 

Let’s hangout later today, sound good? 

Questions of the Day 

  1. What did you do this weekend? 
  2. What has been the longest time you’ve taken off running? 
  3. Do you like card games? Favorite card game?