A Restful, Fun Weekend 


And just like that the weekend is officially over and we are back to Monday. Although I do normally love Mondays, our day was off to a rough start, thanks to an usual patchy night of sleep. Benaiah didn’t sleep as well as normal, last night, which means coffee and I will be even closer friends than normal today 😉

However, our weekend was fabulous, so it is all worth it!

Let’s rewind….


Saturday morning, Landon woke up early with Benaiah and watched him, which allowed me to sleep. I was very appreciated of the extra hour of time I had under the warm covers, since I knew that Saturday was going to be a busy day! Once I woke up, I took Benaiah and let Landon leave for soccer, while I got busy drinking my morning cup of coffee and having devotions. We, normally, go with Landon to soccer, but because we had a busy day and had to leave shortly after the game, I opted to stay home so we wouldn’t be late.

After coffee + devotions, Benaiah and I had breakfast (I had eggs + cheese and a couple of these granola bars #addicted) while Benaiah enjoyed his usual banana and a few bites of my eggs.


It wasn’t too long after breakfast, that I could tell Benaiah was getting drowsy. I decided to skip our morning walk, changed and nursed him and before long, he went down for his morning nap! Much to my surprise, Benaiah slept TWO HOURS which left me plenty of time to shower, get some much needed blog work done, and upload about 1k pictures (yes, 1,000 pictures.)

Landon got home right before Benaiah woke up and within a half an hour, we were on the road to my parent’s house!

My sister and I were singing in my friends’ wedding and we decided to meet at my parent’s house to practice a few more times. Once we got there, I threw on wedding attire, grabbed an apple as a snack/pathetic lunch to power me through and rushed out the door to the wedding. Landon met us at the wedding and after we sang, we watched as the beautiful bride walked down the aisle to her new husband. SO SWEET.

Benaiah stayed with grandma and grandpa, so instead of going to the reception, we decided to head home to feed him (I knew he would be more than ready to eat when I got there) and let him nap before heading to our second event of the day.


Once Benaiah woke up from his nap and we packed up all our of things, we left to go my aunt’s house for her annual Fourth of July party. She always throws the best parties and I mingling at their lakefront property.



The weather was a little on the cold side (WHAT?!) but the party was fun.


We enjoyed a lot of good food (plate #1) and spent time talking with family, hitting the volleyball around and playing Frisbee.






They always end the night with fireworks, but since our little man was way past his bed time, we decided to go home before they started.

Once Benaiah fell asleep, we spent the rest of the evening drinking coffee and watching Netflix. Relaxation at it’s best.



I woke up Sunday with some major pancake cravings, so that is just what I decided to make. This time around, I made whole wheat raspberry pancakes and we topped them with fresh maple syrup.

After breakfast, we got ready for church and spent the morning refreshing our mind and soul with our brothers and sisters. Normally, our church has a potluck meal every Sunday, but this week they didn’t. Instead, we had Landon’s family over for games and sandwiches.


Make that wraps. Also, this wrap hit.the.spot. It’s been a while since I made a wrap and man, I forgot how good they are.


Also, my in-laws brought the BEST fruit salad and I wasted no time filling up on some fresh, summer fruit. Although I am not preggo, watermelon in the summer is still my favorite 🙂


Benaiah enjoyed lunch too!

After the family left, Landon and I spent the rest of the afternoon walking, visiting our local running store (Landon needs to get new running shoes ASAP!) and eating salad + popcorn for dinner, with a  side of Netflix once Benaiah was asleep.


Landon and I were talking and I think this was one of the first Sunday, this month, that we’ve had at home and it felt really nice to simply, relax and rest. I know that is what our bodies needed and I am so thankful to have a day to unplug, rest and recharge for another busy, crazy, fun and beautiful week. As I was sitting on the couch, watching Benaiah and Landon play together, it struck me, once again, how thankful I am that I get to live my life with my two boys. Yes, some days it is kind of crazy and hectic and we are running late or spilling food everywhere (like yesterday the above salad spilled everywhere and it wasn’t even Benaiah’s fault) but I wouldn’t trade any of the chaos for anything in the entire world. The craziness makes me appreciate the slow moments, the restful Sundays are really, everything in between.

And on that deep note, I will leave you guys for today! Happy Monday and I will chat with you soon!


Questions of the Day

  1. What was the best part of your weekend?
  2. Any workouts this weekend or was it a restful one? (I took two complete days off exercise, which is a little abnormal for me!)
  3. Current favorite Netflix show?