A Relaxing Weekend and We Passed My Due Date (Weekend Recap 8/28)

This weekend went way too quickly. It seems as though these past couple months have been so busy that Landon and I haven’t had a ton of time to just be together. So, this weekend that is just what we did. 

Really, we didn’t even do that much, which was great.

Saturday morning, Landon and I woke up later than normal and drove to meet up Landon’s group for soccer. We were late, but a little soccer is better than no soccer, right? 

After we arrived, we noticed no one was on the field. Apparently they canceled? So, instead of soccer, we picked up a few groceries and went home to workout together. 

I love working out together. 

A few hours later (after a brunch of smoothies and working on home projects) Landon’s family came over to hang out for a while. They even brought homemade salsa which was very appreciated.;) 

After the in-laws left, Landon and I went for a two mile walk. Can you believe these flowers? So gorgeous!

Yup, they were taller than me. 

I love walking around town and looking at all the old homes. If anyone wants to buy me a house, I love this one right here. 

As much as I’m excited for fall to come, I sure will miss gorgeous flowers like these. 

The rest of Saturday evening involved cereal for dinner (because when you are an adult and pregnant, cereal for dinner is totally acceptable) 

And I introduced Landon to this show. Verdict? He really liked it. But of course, I knew he would. 😉

Sunday was my official due date (the 28th!) and of course I had to take a picture of the bump first thing. Just in case baby decided to come on time.

Even though baby T didn’t make his or her grand appearance yesterday, (womp womp), Landon and I still had a great day. 

Sunday morning included coffee, smoothies, and church. 

After church, Landon and I came home and fell asleep for 45 minutes or so. Hello accidental naps, we like you. Really, the rest of the day we rested, spent time having devotions, cleaned the house a little 

And we went for another 1.5 mile walk. 

I am so thankful we live in an area that has beautiful views like these.

Post walking Sunday evening shenanigans? Leftovers for dinner and another episode of Sherlock. 

And now it’s Monday. And I’m missing the weekend already. On the bright side, we are one day closer to the day that baby T decides to come! Come baby come. 

Questions of the Day 

  1. What did you do this weekend? 
  2. Have you seen Sherlock? Thoughts? 
  3. Moms out there >> were you over due? If so, how many days over did you go?