A Refreshing Weekend: Scrabble Wars, Popcorn Comas, and a RUN!


Good Monday morning friends! I hope you had a restful weekend filled with lots of family time! Our weekend was so nice and refreshing, I wish we had at least one more day. But that’s life, right? I was so excited for this weekend, because we had zero plans. Between two back to back busy week and a fussy, teething Benaiah, a slow couple days was just what Landon and I needed.



Saturday morning, Landon, Benaiah, and I all slept in until 8:30! With a glorious nights sleep under our belts, we started off the morning nice and slow with lazy bowls of oatmeal and hot cups of coffee.

We had a friend coming over around eleven, so before he came, I got busy working on the house and preparing a quiche for lunch.


Cozy socks for the win!


Quiche is quickly becoming one of my favorite meals.  Easy, filling, hearty, and warm, this lunch didn’t disappoint! I also whipped up some whole wheat biscuits that we dunked into honey. Lunch dreams = fulfilled.

After our friend Johnathan left, I quickly cleaned up the kitchen, ran to the library, and then decided to go for a run.


Generally, I’m not much of an afternoon runner. After the morning passes, my motivation to workout/run is about 1%. However, with Landon’s encouragement and my own talking myself into it, I laced up my shoes and headed out for a short run.


My hip flexor seems to be improving and I finished my run feeling much more alive and proud of myself for ‘just doing it.’


Gotta love those endorphins!


After I showered and Landon worked out, we decided to grab some groceries and whip up a big salad for dinner.


I also made some organic macaroni and cheese that Landon and I enjoyed. I don’t normally buy the boxed kind of mac and cheese, but when I do, I love Annie’s Organic. What about you guys?

Halo TOp

A few hours later, we grabbed pints of Halo Top (current favorite!) and plopped ourselves on the couch with a massive bowl of popcorn and Fireproof. Such a good movie!


Shortly after, we passed out and called it an evening!



Sunday morning came bright and early, which meant more coffee + more oatmeal. Are you guys shocked about my change of breakfast? Me too. Mainly, I changed my morning eats up because I didn’t have any frozen bananas. Oh! The tragedy. However, oatmeal is delicious and this version was too! This bowl of oats is 1/2 cup oatmeal + 2 packets stevia + cinnamon + 1/2 banana + flaxseed + 1 tbsp. peanut butter + 1 tsp. coconut sugar sprinkled on top.


I drank my coffee while having my devotions and finished getting ready for church.


It was cold yesterday, so we made sure to bundle up the munckin. Plus, it was a good excuse to put his adorable hat to use!


Cannot even handle the cuteness.


We took a few photos after church and shortly after, decided to organize a few stacks we had laying around the house.


There are a few things I can’t stand in life. 1. Alligators. 2. Sharks 3. Piles of paper/junk around the house (practically in that order.) 😉


Once the stacks were organized and put away, we celebrated with a fierce battle of scrabble and Landon won by a hair. 



I accepted defeat only after he let me have the rest of his Halo Top. 😉 I kid, I kid. But the wonderful man did let me finish off his Halo Top after we enjoyed another giant salad for dinner and more popcorn. I don’t what it is about weekends, but weekends scream popcorn to me. Anyone else?

After working on my blog for a little, we called it a night and ended the weekend with devotions together and prayer.

And that brings us to this morning! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have a great weekend ahead.

Questions of the Day 

  1. Favorite food from the weekend?
  2. Describe your weekend in one word!
  3. Landon and I are trying to find more games to play together…what are your favorite games? Any good recommendations?