A Pretty Much Perfect Weekend (Weekend Recap 9/25)

Ahh, why do weekends pass so quickly? Although our weekend flew by, our days weren’t too packed, and we had a good balance of fun and relaxation-just how I like it. 

Let’s start with Saturday morning. Saturday, Landon and I both planned on attending a work meeting, but since we woke up with a half an hour left before we had to leave the house, I opted to stay home and feed Benaiah since we had a busy day ahead of us.

While Landon was gone, I fed Benaiah, ate breakfast, and cleaned the house.

Once Landon came home, we had a quick lunch of leftovers (rice, kale, beans, corn, salsa, and cheese) and  left to go to my parents. 

Benaiah slept the whole way there and back, which impressed Landon and I since its an hour drive! Good job buddy!

While we were at my parents my grandmas, aunts, and cousins stopped by, which meant Benaiah received lots of love.

Four generations. 

We came home pretty late and before we knew it, Sunday morning came.

Sunday morning breakfast of choice? Protein smoothies for Landon and I. 

After breakfast, Landon watched Benaiah while I got ready. A little while later, we made it to church (and on time to boot! #winning) 

Benaiah did really well through the almost the entire service, I did sneak out ten minutes before the end to feed him.


In the room I nurse Benaiah in, I found this super motivation whote. Thought I would pass along the inspiration to you all too. 😉

After after church, we went to lunch at chipotle, and enjoyed food and conversation with Landon’s  family. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate that guacamole.

Once Landon and I came home, we decided to go on a walk 

But not before taking some ridiculous snapchat pictures 😉 

The weather started off great, but a mile into our walk, the sky changed and the thunder rolled in. Needless to say, we walked home pretty quickly…barefoot 

Or at least I did. My shoes were giving me blisters, so I rocked the no-shoes look. 

Once home, we took some family selfies and once Benaiah was asleep, we ate dinner. 

Dinner >> salad and spit pea soup. A perfect fall meal if you ask me. 

We spent the rest of our Sunday evening taste testing my new recipe (to come tomorrow!) and watching another episode of Psych. And that brings us back Monday! Hope you guys are having a great day.

Questions of the Day

  1. What did you do this weekend? 
  2. Favorite fall food?  
  3. Do you prefer busy or slow weekends?