A Park Adventure and Lots of Popcorn

Hey there and happy Tuesday! After a whirlwind of a Monday, I’m finally sitting down and typing up my weekend recap. Our weekend was a perfect mixture of quality time with family and hard-core relaxation. I think my body and mind really needed a day to do absolutely nothing and Sunday we did just that. I feel so much more productive and attentive toward others when I have a day (or hour even!) to simply, be still, unplug and unwind. I am so thankful our weekend incorporated just that into the schedule and before I tell you all about what happened, let’s get onto Saturday >>>


Our Saturday morning started bright and early with a six o’clock wake up call from Benaiah and steamy cups of coffee. After feeding Niah, I almost dove back into bed, but instead, I decided to wake up with the sun and spend time sipping my coffee and reading my Bible. We planned to leave for Landon’s families’ place and I wanted to make sure to squeeze in a few of my morning routines before leaving.

I basically only had time to drink my coffee and finish my devotions by the time Benaiah wanted to get up and changed and shortly after I was done changing the wiggly boy into his day time clothing, Landon was awake and ready to go.

Morning Landon

Speaking of the man, Landon got glasses! Aren’t they cute on him? He really only wears them while driving or at church, but I had to snap a picture of him with glasses. Too fun. Once we finished our smoothies, we piled in the car and drove out to my in-laws for conversation and a homemade pizza lunch.


I failed at getting any pictures, except this one of Benaiah. This past weekend he was teething, with a second bottom tooth making an appearance today (!) and had a few cranky moments the whole weekend.

Once we got back home, I quickly put on my workout clothes and finally fit in a sweaty Pilates video. Usually, I run on Saturdays, but since I had done my long run on Friday (the weather was gorgeous and we couldn’t pass up a beautiful stroller run!) I opted for a low-key Pilates video.


After I finished my workout, it was Landon’s turn. I watched Benaiah and prepared an early dinner of leftovers while Landon cleaned up from his workout.


Our Saturday night dinner menu was a fun, vegetarian dish that I will share with you guys this week, so make sure to keep an eye out for it. Here’s a little sneak peek, in the photo above.


We ended our Saturday night with Dick Van Dyke and a big bowl of coconut oil popcorn. Lately, popcorn has been tasting beyond delicious and I couldn’t get enough of the salty snack this weekend! Popcorn, all day, every day.



Sunday morning began with more coffee and a major diaper blow out, compliments of Benaiah. Thankfully, we woke up with plenty of time for a bath, a fresh change of clothes, and even smoothies before heading to church. I don’t know what I did differently this Sunday morning, but I got a ton of stuff done and we arrived just as worship started! I’m hoping this trend continues.


Benaiah was in such a playful mood after church. We decided to take advantage of his happy self and went for a walk to the park.




Benaiah seemed to love first time in the swing and we would have stayed longer, if the wind hadn’t picked up!


Of course, we had to get a family photo since we were all color coordinating!

Family Photo March 2017

We spent the rest of our Sunday relaxing as a family with a large dinner salad, warm bowl of quinoa, and of course, another bowl of popcorn.


Oh and because I was feeling fancy, I made homemade croutons.



I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend and a great rest of your Tuesday! I’ll catch you guys tomorrow.

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is one fun thing you did last weekend?
  2. If you could only eat one snack for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  3. Thoughts on croutons? Yay or nay?