A Gift for You (!), A Bagel Date, and Benaiah’s First Soccer Game (Weekend Recap 10/10)

If you feel anything like I did this morning, I hope your Monday is beginning with strong coffee, multiple cups. 

I don’t know if it was the weekend that got to me or the lack of sleep, but woah- I woke up this morning and had to peel myself from bed. How about Columbus Day means a day off of work? That’d be great. 

Although today I am tired, this weekend I felt full of energy and we had a couple great days. 

Saturday morning, Landon went to play soccer, while Benaiah and I cheered him on. 

Normally, I would take advantage of the beautiful trails nearby and squeeze in a run while the soccer game rages on, but since I’m still waiting to be cleared to run, that didn’t happen.

What did happen- Big Apple Bagel bagels for a delicious brunch post soccer game. I am convinced that blueberry bagels and strawberry  cream cheese is one of my love languages. 😉

Saturday afternoon Landon and I worked on projects, cleaned the house, ate a late lunch of lentils (fabulous, I know) and went on an evening walk. 

Apparently, I was pretty engrossed with the day, because I have 0 pictures of the rest of Saturday. I guess you’ll just have to imagine 😉 

Saturday evening we binge watched this show 

And enjoyed some healthy pie to finish Saturday off right. 

Sunday morning, involved protein smoothies. Side note: I have an AWESOME news for you all! Designer Protein and I (my favorite protein brand!) are working together to give you this sweet deal. Because you are my readers, click on this link and get 20% off your order of any protein product! (this deal expires at the end of the year!) 

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Back to Sunday shenanigans…we had lots of Benaiah snuggles and time at church. 

Sunday afternoon, we did some detailed cleaning to the house because we had friends coming over! 

We had a triple date which involved Chinese food, coffee, ice cream and lots of laughter. I didn’t get any pictures, but let me assure you, we had a fabulous time. 

I fell alseep after drinking a hot cup of tea and the last thing I remember is Landon rubbing my feet with my favorite lotion. (He’s the best!)

It’s weekends like this that I am reminded of all the blessings the Lord has given me and that’s enough of a reason to get out of bed with a smile in the morning, even a Monday morning. 

Hope you guys have a great rest of your day! We’ll talk tomorrow, okay.  

Questions of the Day  

  1. What did your weekend look like?
  2. How do you beat the Monday blues?
  3. Are any of you soccer players?