A Fitness Filled Tuesday + Time with Friends


Good morning everyone and happy Wednesday! Is anyone else excited that we are halfway through the week? Today, I don’t have too many plans which is a welcomed break, because yesterday was busy!

Let’s rewind to yesterday morning >>>DSC_2585

As usual, yesterday morning began with a strong cup of coffee and devotions.


I quickly fed Benaiah, downed my coffee, made breakfast, and grabbed almost everything I owned, before heading out to my parent’s for the day.


After a brief hiatus from my smoothies because of lack of bananas, I am happily back to eating my favorite, daily breakfast and quite happy about it.  I left a little after finishing my smoothie and Benaiah slept the whole way, win!

Instead of working out at my place, I decided to take advantage of my parents’ treadmill. Running indoors in the winter = glorious. My first workout of the day totaled just over two miles with some speed work mixed in. I ran at a 7.0 for a while at a 1% incline (I like to run at an incline for the entire run to avoid shin splints.) and then every few minutes, I boosted the speed up to a 7.7 and ran that pace for 30-45 sec.  Speed training = done.



Thanks Emily for the photo. Also, this is me attempting not to fall off the treadmill while looking at the camera- face.

After showering, feeding Benaiah, and eating a lunch of quinoa, chickpeas, and carrots (random but delicious), our friends Braydyn and Mrs. Dawn came over to hang out over coffee and homemade banana bread. The best way to hang out, if you ask me.



Benaiah approved of Braydyn.

DSC_2745How many people can we fit on the couch? Also, I noticed that my sister Emily and I look so much alike. Maybe it’s the glasses, but with each passing year, Emily and I seem to look more and more similar.


My other gorgeous sister. After Braydyn and Mrs. Dawn left, I quickly scarfed down a mini meal of tuna and pretzels and headed to my mom and sisters fitness class.


Did I mention that Abby and my mom started a Zumba/ Pilates class? They are doing a killer job and this hour long workout left me sweaty and sore. I can’t wait to go again. Thanks for the workout mom and Abby!


Aren’t they adorable? It was quickly confirmed that my coordination skills could use some improvement, but I did enjoy changing up my fitness routine with some Zumba.


The Pilates was my favorite though and even Benaiah got into the routine. 😉 On a side note, I forgot to grab my yoga mat so I used my parent’s Army blanket. Winning.


Emily is doing such a great job too! Let’s just take a moment to appreciate her form. And yes, I’m giving Benaiah and kiss while finishing up my oil riggers. No big deal.

After a hot cup of coffee, I headed home and got back just as Landon came home from working over time. Since my dinner was small, Landon and I ate some eggs before heading to bed and calling it a night.

And that’s a wrap! I hope your Wednesday is beautiful.

Questions of the Day 

  1. Do you do Zumba or Pilates? What is your favorite type of exercise?
  2. Current favorite baked good?
  3. What is one thing you have going on today?