A Fun Filled Tuesday: Sister Time + Pilates and an Evening Run

Hello there friends and happy Wednesday to you all! I hope your day is going well so far and you are enjoying that middle of the week feeling of victory! I know I am!

So, far, this week has been pretty busy, filled with time with friends and my family. Monday night my sister, Abby, joined Landon and I for sand volleyball. Although volleyball is not my sport, I had a good time joining in on the fun and laughing at myself through the process. Since volleyball ended late, Abby opted to spend the night and I was more than happy to have some one on one sister time!

Yesterday morning, I could not bring myself to pull my body out of bed (too much talking too late at night!). Abby and Landon graciously watched Benaiah while I slowly woke up and started the day. After my cup of coffee, I began to feel more like a normal human being and Abby informed me that she had canceled her plans and was able to spend the day with me. Enter: Excitement. (Sister time is the best, right?!)


After Landon left for work, Abby and I spent a few hours chatting, playing with Benaiah and sipping on our morning cups of coffee. Once Benaiah went down for his nap, we squeezed in a half an hour of some intense core Pilates work and finished right once Benaiah woke up from his morning nap! I love it when that happens. I don’t know if I have mentioned this before on the blog, but Abby is a Pilates instructor and I love working out with her when I get a chance! SO. MUCH. FUN. Also, on Monday, I noticed my peroneal tendon felt a little inflamed, so instead of my five mile run, I opted for some rest and worked my core with my favorite middle sister. 😉

After Pilates and a breakfast of smoothies and protein bars, I showered while Abby watched Benaiah and once I was ready, we went for a relaxing walk around town.


The weather was absolutely gorgeous and I loved getting out and enjoying some fresh air + quality conversation. Over the past couple months of becoming a mother, I have realized just how much I crave and desire quality and meaningful conversations and friendships. I feel so blessed to not only have friends who fill those roles in my life, but my sisters and mom too! God is so good.

Once we got back home, I whipped up an easy lunch of my typical salad, because I am addicted and Abby and Landon like it too 😉 Landon came home shortly after and we enjoyed lunch together.


Benaiah also enjoyed daddy time.


This is totally a repeat picture, but you get the idea…

Shortly after lunch, Abby left to go back home (sad face) and I fed Benaiah and put him down for his afternoon nap. I took advantage of the sleeping baby, by getting this post drafted and worked on some other time sensitive blog projects.


Oh and I snacked on a granola bar to help me power through the work. After an hour of work passed, Benaiah woke up and I scooped him out of his crib just in time to have a little bit of play time before Landon got back from work.

After playing and cleaning up around the house, Landon came home for a few minutes before heading out to hang out with his guy friends for the evening. Although Landon and I don’t do many separate evenings out/ away from one another, every now and then, it is refreshing and good for the soul to have some time with the guys/gals.


Since Landon was gone in the evening, I decided to fill my time with an evening walk before dinner with Benaiah. Once I started to stroll around town, I was immediately overcome with a desire to run (since it was GORGEOUS out last night). Although I had decided to take a day off to rest my tendon, I decided to allow myself a few miles of running, as long as everything felt good. Thankfully, my tendon felt great and Benaiah and I finished our evening off with three, sweaty miles before dinner.

Landon’s away = lazy dinners for the win! I enjoyed a big salad (there is something about the summer that always makes me crave fresh, cold food!) that consisted of organic mixed greens + cucumbers + grilled chicken + quinoa + feta cheese + and sunflower seeds. SO GOOD!

After dinner, Benaiah took his normal bath, I nursed him and put him down. After Niah fell asleep, I spent time cleaning up the rest of the house, eating another granola bar (help! I am addicted!) having my devotions and reading before Landon came home!

And there you have it, another typical Tuesday in the Thompson household. I hope you all have a marvelous Wednesday and I will talk with you guys tomorrow!

Questions of the Day 

  1. What is your current favorite snack?
  2. Name three things you did yesterday!
  3. Are you a morning runner or evening runner?