A Beautiful, Crazy Weekend (Weekend Recap 6/5) 

Good morning and happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend filled with all your favorite things.

Reflecting on our weekend, I hardly know where to begin, it was busy, busy, busy, from beginning to end and I am more than grateful for this slower paced Monday.  

Since we last chatted on Friday, let’s rewind to Saturday morning. 

Saturday morning, I woke up, and honestly, I felt quite overwhelmed with the thought of everything I needed to accomplish. We had a lot of errands to run and not much time to get them all done. Howecer, after having my devotions, spending time in prayer, and talking with Landon, I felt much better. 

Around seven, Landon and I ran a quick three miles together before we officially began the day. After our damp run, we headed out to a homeschool conference and stayed until noon. 

Following the conference, we ran errands and picked up a few gifts for a shower and wedding (which happened on Sunday.) 

Landon throughly enjoyed his time at Bed Bath and Beyond. (I’m obviously exaggerating.) 😉 

The rest of the afternoon, we spent time at my cousins graduation party and drove to my in laws house for dinner.

Speaking of dinner, our in laws served a large salad and baked ham, which hit the spot. Mom also made a delicious and healthy (!) peanut butter fudge, which made me very happy. 

After we left mom and dads, Landon and I decided to run a late night errand to pick up ingredients for pumpkin pies that I needed to  make. 

While we were there, Landon found a huge block of sharp cheddar and was extremely excited.  
Once we finally made it home, I made pies while Landon worked for an hour. 

Three pies later and by two am, we were more than ready for bed. 

Sunday morning started off with smoothies, church, and coffee.

After service, Landon played a game of chess with his buddy while I acted like I knew what was going on. 

We left church pretty quickly, Landon ate some leftover pie, and I went to a friends bridal shower. 

Guys, this shower was beautiful. They served beautiful food, had gorgeous antique decor, and lovely tea cups that served as our party  favors. (Score!) 

Anyone else love Anne of Green Gables? This quote though. 

I loved the set up and decided that when I throw a shower for whoever gets married next, I may steal some of their ideas. 

Sunday was all about celebrating,  so to top things off, after leaving the shower, we went to a wedding! 

Just like the shower a couple hours before, this wedding was gorgeous too. Jocie (the bride) had the wedding at her parents farm and I believe it was the perfect country wedding. 

Jocie looked stunning and I loved her dress. 

After the ceremony, they served lots of fresh fruit, veggies, chips, and Italian beef sandwiches and homemade pie. 

One of my favorite parts was the hanging lights in the trees and the sparkler send off. It truly was a magical way to end the evening. 

Reflecting back, I am reminded that God gives us grace and stength to accomplish the tasks He has given us to do. Even  though it was a full weekend and at points I didn’t know if I could get everything done, it was beautiful. Beautiful because of all the joy that filled each day, beautiful because the businesses reminded me to rely on the strength the Lord gives (and not my own), and beautiful because we spent it with those whom we love.

Let’s hang out again soon. Make today great! 

You Turn to Share: 

  1. What did your weekend look like? 
  2. What is your favorite kind of pie? (I love apple, cherry, really any kind of pie…)
  3. How do you handle busy days?