14 Mile Runs + A Slow Sunday

Hey there friends and happy Monday. Is it just me or did this weekend go by so fast? Maybe it’s because the past two weeks have been vacation for us, but regardless I felt like the weekend just started Sunday night. Bummer. 😉

dad birthday

FIRST OF ALL, IT IS MY DAD’S BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday dad. I am so thankful for you. We love you so very much!


So far, this Monday is going well! Benaiah and I just finished a 5 mile stroller run and now he’s down for his nap (although I hear him playing in there…) and mom is taking time to sip my second cup of coffee and catch up with you guys! I had full intentions of blogging my regular, 5x a week last week, but mid-week Benaiah got his first virus (so sad!). Lack of sleep and weird sick schedules, put all three of us behind on life, but I am happy to report Benaiah is doing much better and we are back to the daily grind!

Before I get too sidetracked, let’s get this weekend recap started, shall we?


Saturday morning was glorious. Landon, Benaiah, and I all woke up at EIGHT in the morning! I seriously do not remember the last time we slept in so late and it felt really, really good. The only bad part about sleeping in so late on Saturday morning was that our runs was pushed to the later part of the day.

Later in the day = more sun = a hot run. After drinking a cup of coffee and eating banana + honey + toast, we headed out for my 14 mile run, with Landon pushing the stroller the ENTIRE WAY. We ran along our favorite river route, stopped at each water fountain (the best site on a hot run!) and talked the whole way. We finished with an average pace of 9:09, which I was pretty happy about!


The run, itself, felt great overall! I was tired by the end, but my legs felt amazing. Afterwards,was a different story. Once we got back, I stretched out, drank some more water, and took an ice bath. While I was in the ice bath, I started feeling a little nauseated. Landon (aka the best husband ever) drove to the gas station to grab some electrolytes. Right as he got home, I threw up multiple times ( I will spare you the details) and had no appetite for about 2 hours. Naturally, I assumed I was dying 😉 and took a nap to help ease the annoying nausea. Thankfully, within those 2 hours, I felt muuuuucch better and downed some chicken and rice (which tasted amazing) and a smoothie.

I’ve never thrown up after a run, so I am going to do some investigation to figure out what went wrong. The one thing that I think really played a significant role in my post-run nausea was the heat. Lesson learned: next time, start long run much earlier!


After feeling better, getting some food in me, and cleaning the house, we headed to Landon’s parent’s for a pool party and time with friends! Of course, I forgot to get any pictures.

We made it home around midnight and since we are such wild party animals, we popped some popcorn and finished the evening (morning?) off with my favorite, homemade cheesy popcorn and Netflix.



Sunday was one of those much, much needed lazy days. The last two Sundays have been traveling days for us, which meant a day at home was needed. Sunday morning involved the usals: smoothies for breakfast, devotions, and church.


After church, we made a quick grocery/diaper run and picked up a fun find.


I’ve just learned that I am have thing for stone ground mustard. So good! Post-grocery store happenings involved large salads for lunch



And nap time for my two boys. <3 I spent the time they were sleeping, reading my current read. Recently, I discovered the author, Francine Rivers and I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. I think I’ve read six of her books in the past two months. Her writing style sucks me in.


So far, this one is just as amazing as the rest. Has anyone else read this book?


After reading/nap time, Landon, Benaiah and I got to work making some BLTs for dinner (thanks for the garden fresh tomatoes, dad T!) I always forget how much I enjoy a good BLT until I have one. Man, this hit the spot last night.


After dinner, we went for a walk around our neighborhood, before winding down for bed.

I hope you guys have a great week! I will catch you tomorrow.

Questions of the Day 

  1. What was your weekend like?
  2. Have you ever gotten sick after a run?
  3. Is anyone else a mustard fan?