10 Miles + Coffee Date + Movie Night (Weekend Recap)

Hey there friends and happy Wednesday, I know this blog post is coming a little later in the week than usual, but such is life, right? This past weekend was all sorts of good. Between some rest and downtime, games with friends, and a movie date, I could do this weekend all over again. The older I am getting, the more I realize that simple things like a latte out with my husband is just the pick me up I need. But, I am getting ahead of myself, let’s rewind to Saturday morning.


Saturday morning, both Landon, Benaiah and I slept in and it felt glorious. After waking up, we lounged around in our pajamas for a good chunk of the morning, while I made a smoothie (for me) and eggs + toast for Landon. After eating breakfast, we had our devotions and Niah “entertained,” himself with a variety of toys.


After our lazy morning, we got to work tackling less than pleasant tasks like purging office drawers and cleaning/ organizing closets. Even thought these tasks are not my personal favorite, doing them together as a married team, helped the time go by quickly. After a while, Benaiah was ready for nap time and while he was sleeping we got ready to go to our friend’s house for games.

Our friends, Rachel and Stephen, invited us over for games, Saturday afternoon and while the kiddos played and eat crackers, we noshed on some snacks and played a game, talked and enjoyed fellowship. I’m all about casual get together, and Saturday’s get together, fit the bill. Snacks + games + convo + happy kids = yes.

We left just before 6:30 and headed back to our place to eat a quick dinner of leftover shepherds pie (I made a vegan one for Niah and I which was amazing! (recipe to come soon) and a traditional kind of Landon. Landon’s parent’s stopped over, so we could head out to watch the Greatest Showman as a date night! The movie was AMAZING and I could defintitley watch it again. I could not get over the music, the dancing, the story. Just everything. Landon’s dad came with us and we met up with a few friends at the theater too, which made it even more fun!

We ended the evening quite late, but it was so worth it.



Sunday morning I planned to get up and run 10 miles before worship practice + church, but I ended up hitting snooze one too many times. #whoops. So instead of running, I hopped into the shower quickly and got ready to head out the door within 40 minutes. Worship practice went well and church was amazing. Between a great worship time and an encouraging sermon, we left feeling inspired, encouraged and uplifted.


Benaiah ended up going down for his nap shortly after we got home, which let us get some relaxing in. We played a couple games of Dutch Blitz and relaxed with watching an episode of Psych before the nugget woke up.


Once he was awake, we took advantage of the abnormally warm (and foggy) day by walking to our favorite, local coffee shop and ordering a latte for me and vegan gelato for the boys. I don’t know if you guys are gelato fans, but I love it! I had never tried their vegan version, but quickly turned into a fan! It was still sweet and creamy, which surprised me since it was made with almond milk! I will definitely be getting that next time!



Landon left shortly after dinner for a movie with his brothers (he went to watch 12 Strong and said it was awesome!). Since he was gone and Niah was asleep, I figuered it was the perfect opportunity to crank out my 10 mile run I had yet to do. Honestly, I wasn’t super feeling it, but I knew I would feel amazing after getting it done and a good chunk of me really wanted to. So, I threw my shoes on and cranked out 10 miles while watching The Crown. Thank goodness for Netflix! I was so thankful that the run felt really good and I felt super strong the entire time. I finished at a 8:30 pace and downed a protein shake shortly afterwards.

Once Landon was home, we caught up on our evenings and went to bed before 11.

And that’s a wrap! I hope you all are having a great Wednesday!

Questions of the Day 

  1. Who has seen The Greatest Showman? Thoughts?
  2. How often do you all go to the movies?
  3. Anyone else a treadmill fan?